W88 casino2016 re-scheduled week 7 matches – 2017 method is recommended

02:45 on September 24, 2016, the two sides are expected to start: Toulouse, : pull a party, and amraphel, diop, Julian, jose class jie, toure, ma bo di jie, brin, sierra wareing, Iraq, Edward;Paris saint-germain in : ray ora, o, yeah, thiago silva, Jin Pengbei, maxwell, pastore, tiago mota, the rabbi, small, cavani, di maria Lucas,

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/9/24 (Saturday)2:45Toulouse,St germain 2016/9/24 (Saturday)23:00lorientLyon 2016/9/25 (Sunday)At 2:00bastiaguingampThe 2016/9/25 (Sunday)At 2:00bordeauxcaen 2016/9/25 (Sunday)At 2:00DijonRyan 2016/9/25 (Sunday)At 2:00Monacoangers 2016/9/25 (Sunday)At 2:00Montpellier,mace 2016/9/25 (Sunday)At 21:00St. deanlille 225/016/9 (Sunday)23:00Nancynice 2016/9/26 (Monday)2:45marseillenantes

The French league Toulouse VS Paris st germain

Toulouse thriller from relegation last season, the season opening amazing, now 3-2-1 at 5.Paris saint germain have very different situation, according to the situation of the premier league, if not too big accident league title is still belong to Paris.Toulouse needsTake the first four points, but the difference of strength in that, if they can keep the draw even victory.

The best western sports datakeeping: Paris st germain – 1 ball.”

It sweeps round team on the road, on the score 2-1 overturned lille, this is their first victory this season on the road.Coach for the team this season’s apparently successful, although the team is very forward galbraith victor, LeiQiao and round eduardo start state is pretty good, but the coach is to insist on using 451 formation, only arrange a striker, if behind or in the second halfDoesn’t start on a case would rank below two strikers, the advantage is the team number advantage and defensive midfield in the first half of cases, basic won’t get into a passive, but last season they are ligue 1 one of the most popular team lost the ball in the first half.The game against a greater, if the team is still mainly defensive play, there may be a surprise.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend Paris st germain let the game 1 ball games.

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