Yet w882016-2017 method recommended five matches

Method currently sit five rounds Paris st germain first game will be away to michel aulas stadium challenge caen, into fighting against Arsenal midweek 1-1 shaking hands on both sides.Only three days in Paris to cope with the league game again, believe that the coach will send second unit in power still nots allow to ignore.Caen on round away game in a 2-0 loss to rival, the team morale dropped.Believe midweek disadvantages cubbyhole Paris st germain will take caen is regarded as the object of the vent, a greater victory.

The game date Time The home team The visiting team 2016/9/17 (Saturday)02:45caenSt germain 2016/9/17 (Saturday)23:00MonacoRyan 2016/9/18 (Sunday)2:00bordeauxangers 2016/9/18 (on Sunday)2:00Dijonmace 2016/9/18 (Sunday)2:00lorientlille 2016/9/18 (Sunday)2:00Nancynantes 2016/9/18 (Sunday)2:00Toulouse,guingamp 2016/9/18 (Sunday)At 21:00Montpellier,nice 2016/9/18 (Sunday)23:00St. deanbastia 2016/9/19 (Monday)02:45marseilleLyon

Caen VS saint-germain



Garland of caen team last season was eventually 54 points method currently sit in 7, the most teams left behind, temporary 6 points ranking league this season. 10.League last round, at rennes caen to 0-0 draw against both sides in the first halfTwice, the second half has been scored the goal, ultimately caen 2-0 defeat.Actually if theory of attack, caen in ligue 1 can absolutely top a few, but football is offensive and defensive game.Once tasted the defensive team last season and the end of the season, several times through the counter in the edge of the 1 ball game.It is worth mentioning caen recently home record is very grab an eye, the team recently eaten only 11 games on a battle, in the last three games on three straight.But caen in recent 10 times in the face of Paris saint germain are hard to get a win, and two team strength gap is obvious, the home team caen this ratioSai should strive to do not break.

Paris saint germain in

Paris saint germain has been for four consecutive years won the championship, they are worthy ligue 1 game, but go ahead of Lyon and Monaco last season 31 points, the new season they temporarily league rank seventh seven points.But it is worth mentioning that a greater decline in recent performance in the league, the team has 2 consecutive league there, in a recent game 1-1 draw at greater home ligue 1 mid-table st. Ann.In a week in the champions league group, Paris saint germain home 1-1, with the premier league giantsAt a draw, this is the team’s three even be all competitions, the triumph greater are in urgent need.This season after the Manchester united striker zlatan ibrahimovic damage decreased, the season so far only in ligue 1, 7 in obvious, after coach and players change, this season the Paris st germain strength has signs of decline, still need some time to adjust, adjust.Since the attacker di maria after join Paris st germain gradually find the second career, he also became the team’s midfield.Fortunately, greater or have a certain background, back with the column and markey mourinho is, firstA rabbi OTT, villa’s, di maria and former serie a sharpshooter cavani each grain all star, also is the first depth in ligue 1.



1. The caen unbeaten in recent 7 games.

2. The caen recently made a third consecutive 3 games.

3. Caen recently 4 ligue 1 race 2 win 2 defeats.

Paris saint germain in

1. Paris saint germain last three matches.

2. Paris saint germain recently2 each race by two flat.

3. Paris saint germain recently against caen unbeaten 10 times.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended st germain to 0.5 1 ball games.

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