The first round of the premier league tournament recommend w88 casino2016-2017

Beijing time on August 13, 2016 (Saturday) night 7:30, the launch of a 2016-2017 England’s premier league, which promoted hull city will host the defending champion in leicester city.Newly promoted hull city pre-season condition is good, the new season their main target;Defending champion leicester city pre-season state is bad, the new season is difficult.

Hull city v leicester city

The team in

HerrCity last season’s championship ranked fourth, through the play-offs after a year in the premier league success again.Was carried out in preparation for the new season team warm-up games, eight games in five wins and two draws one negative, but strength is not strong, against a position in the 2-1 defeat at serie a club torino, 7 unbeaten record at the same time put an end to the friendly.Hull city while raising the premier league, but did not have any of the new season signings action, at the current premiership capital is so abundant, this performance is really hard to grasp.

Leicester city miraculously won the last seasonSuper league, the team new season still retained most of the main title, only midfield kanter one left, and the team for team introduced midfielder di and door card, card, striker moussa and others to make up for the strength of strong teams.Leicester city was carried out in the new season friendly matches, but cannot make the fans happy with the performance, almost five matches in all competitions only got 1 4 negative, which are trounced in Paris st germain and club teams such as Barcelona.In the new season first cup community shield match 2-1 defeat at Manchester united, the team’s performance has been pretty bad before the new season, devoid of the premiership’s identity, seems to be lostTo midfield kanter leicester city, on the way of the new season difficult.


In recent 10 times the two sides met, hull city only has 2-4 4, a recent meetings in actis cup competitions, two teams at 0-0 draw.

Game analysis of

Is promoted hull city, in the state of the new season is also very good, but the overall strength than the leicester city.As defending champion also to leicester city look better, but not much advantage, also to leicesterConfidence in the city of many.In view of the leicester city without a cantor the midfielder core, and the team in pre-season warm-up is relatively poor, the adaptation of the new season’s first team level remains to be seen, leicester city hardly winning.

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