W88 trip in August 588 yuan championships (activity has been successfully completed, thank you!)

Monday to win a $588 reward twice a day on Saturday.

Rules and terms:

The following is August 588 yuan tour tournament details and time arrangement:

The start time of Registration fee of
(RMB)The management fee of registeredTickets for The minimum number of The highest number of Awards Starting chip 8:00:00 PM (Beijing time),
From Monday to Saturday100is10150The $5885000 11:00:00 PM (Beijing time),
From Monday to Saturday100is10150The $5885000
  1. In August 588 yuan tour tournament is open to all players.
  2. Championships in August trip to 588 yuan, can through the tour tournament “free” August’s first name and second name, or to pay registration fees for 10 yuan.
  3. Tournament number is limited, carried out on first come first served basis.
  4. Players should be before kick-offRegistered championships.
  5. Virtual chips is not cash, can’t draw.
  6. The match list updates.
  7. Championship after the cash reward will be added to the winner of the Texas mahjong accounts.
  8. Cash incentives set according to participate in the total number of players.
  9. About the prize purse and running water for more details, please click here to view.
  10. W88 shall have the right to cancel the activity at any time, cancel the qualification of individual or all players.
  11. W88 general terms and conditionsAnd rules apply to this offer.

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