W88 casino Mid-Autumn festival 20% deposit bonus

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival, the optimal DE spend Mid-Autumn festival with you!To feedback the general new and old members, in the Mid-Autumn festival on the day of the successful deposit and betting optimal DE club or seven slot machines, can enjoy an additional 20% deposit bonus.A double, optimal DE help you graced the Mid-Autumn festival!Only 1000 before the application member, now or never, apply immediately ~

Rules and terms:
1, when the activityStarted in 2016 on September 15, between 00:00:00 (Beijing time), ended in September 15 23:59:59 (Beijing time).
2, this activity will only apply to superior DE W88, registration of all the members.
3, this activity is only applicable to devote the best club & amp;Optimal DE club – great hall, seven slot club (golden, mirage, kanaike, golden cup, spittor, goldie, gold brahman)
4, on the day of the Mid-Autumn festival have a successful deposit and transfer of no less than 100 yuan, can enter the following bonus code “in the transferPlease put another special Mid-Autumn festival: 20%

Bonus code The name of the game, game purseThe highest dividend amount Multiple water MAFCAThe optimal club & amp;Optimal DE club great hallOptimal DE club + other slot machines38810 MAFBVKanaike clubOptimal DE club + other slot machines81515 MAFBSThe blessed one gold clubOptimal DE club + other slot machines81515 MAFAPGold emperor clubOptimal DE club + other slot machines81515 MAFGAGolden cup clubOptimal DE club + other slot machines81515 MAFMMGolden clubOptimal DE club + other slot machines81515 MAFPZAndy clubAndy PT81515The MAFNVSpittor clubSpittor.net81515

5, preferential period, each member can apply only once;And only 1000 members apply effectively, the excess shall be invalid.
6, dividends after successful application in the club to corresponding requirement of the water before withdrawal.
For example: put another amount: 100 yuan.Apply for optimal DE real club;10
times water requirementsThe bonus amount: 100 x20 % = $20,
Bets: (100 + 20) X10 = 1200 RMB
7, how to use the bonus code, you can refer to here.
8, any draw, bet, will not be invalid, cancel the order for effective water.
9, superior DE W88, provide the offer only applies to entertaining players, optimal DE W88 member shall have the right at any time for all members, or cancel this offer.
10, superior DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.

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