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At 2:30 in the morning Beijing time on September 10, 2016-2017 season second round of the bundesliga to continue the war, in the wilting, stadium, the defending champions bayern Munich away against schalke 04, bayern look forward to the continued opening of the momentum.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 210/016/9 (Saturday)02:30Schalke 04Bayern Munich 2016/9/10 (Saturday)At 21:30Bayer leverkusenHamburg 2016/9/10 (Saturday)At 21:30Because of the gore TuesdayHertha Berlin 2016/9/10 (Saturday)At 21:30darmstadtFrankfurt 2016/9/10 (Saturday)At 21:30freiburgThe door is popular 2016/9/10 (Saturday)At 21:30Wolfsburg,cologne 2016/9/11 (Sunday)00:30RB leipzigBorussia Dortmund 2016/9/11 (Sunday)At 21:30Werder Bremenaugsburg 2016/9/11 (Sunday)23:30mainzhoffenheim

Schalke 04 vs bayern Munich, The

Bayern Munich in the bundesliga history, 47 about 27 flat 18 led schalke, 11 meetings recently, bayern unbeaten record at an alarming nine wins and two draws.Start to this season, bayern 6-0 thumping werder Bremen and schalke are 0 and 1 on the road a shock defeat to Frankfurt, there is no doubt that bayern have more psychological advantage.

The bundesliga round, schalke 04 0 to 1 defeat to Frankfurt on the road.Before the transfer window closes, the team Ukraine winger on loan from sevilla kono PuLiang card;From Paris saint germain cost nearly 800 euros to buy DMC Stan clothLeon.Right-back uchida Benedict and cork and the midfielder’s column, card were injured.Bayern Munich in the league opener at 6 0 TuYun amounted to werder Bremen, coupled with the German cup 5-0 outmanned jena, super cup victory over borussia Dortmund, tomorrow the start of a dream.Bayern are bard shittu was bell, mulberry shays and robben three disabled;Boateng and Ronald koeman has returned to training, but the former made it clear that at the end of September to return.Schalke beat bayern’s German cup five years ago the last time, then lost 9 11 meetings, and how to defeat.

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