Recommend re-scheduled week 3, 2016-2017 matches

Beijing time on September 11, 0 points, re-scheduled week 3 rounds, Juventus home game against Mr Solow, defending champion will offer a di barak higuain Argentina two guns, home lack of emanuele belardi solow, difficulty is not high.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/9/11 (Sunday)00:00JuventusMr Solow 2016/9/11 (Sunday)02:45PalermoNaples 2016/9/11 (Sunday)18:30bolognacagliari 2016/9/11 (Sunday)At 21:00Atlanta,Turin, 2016/9/11 (Sunday)At 21:00chievolazio 2016/ 9/11 (Sunday)At 21:00GenoaFlorence 2016/9/11 (Sunday)At 21:00AC milanudinese 2016/9/11 (Sunday)At 21:00The Romansamp 2016/9/12 (Monday)02:45pescaraInter milan 2016/9/13 (Tuesday)02:45empoliWithin the g’s

Juventus vs Mr Solow,

The score data 】 【

1. Juventus this season will higuain Naples called into the squad.To speak frankly, premium is still very serious.Given his age, around 60 million should be normal.

2. Juve in the previous two games did not allow higuain start, but a substitute against fiorentina higuain scored the winning goal.But he hasn’t.The game is likely to start.

3. The visiting teamThoreau was a big recent serie a dark horse.In the European league cup their 4-1 victory over 4 to 1 partizan Belgrade to enter the race.

4. Mr Solow mulberry sonne his main players and others to sell, other players are roughly in team.This season is not a big surprise, I should have good grades.


The strength of Juventus in the serie a is more than general team a lot, so the home team must be popular in the market.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: this recommendation Juventus to halfBall games.

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