W88 casino2016-2017 recommended re-scheduled week 2 matches

2016-2017 season’s serie a second round home game against Juventus, lazio will be 00:00 to August 27, 2016.Injury & amp;Suspended for lazio: berisha injured;Keita injury doubt.Juventus: marchisio, stu pull out.

Date of Time The home team The guestTeam 2016/8/28 (Sunday)00:00lazioJuventus 2016/8/28 (Sunday)02:45NaplesAC milan 2016/8/29 (Monday)00:00Inter milanPalermo 2016/8/29 (Monday)02:45cagliariThe Roman 2016/8/29 (Monday)02:45Within the g’sGenoa 2016/8/29 (Monday)02:45Florencechievo 2016/8/29 (Monday)02:45sampAtlanta, 2016/8/29 (Monday)02:45Mr Solowpescara 2016/8/29 (Monday)02:45Turin,bologna 2016/8/29 (Monday)02:45udineseempoli

Lazio VS Juventus in


In the two sides in the past six meetings, lazio lost all.

【 little data 】

Juventus serie a game 29 times in the past, have won 27 times.
Juventus in the past nine times in all competitions on the road with lazio, seven times.
Juventus in the past7 times in serie a game, there are six halftime lead, ultimately win.
Juventus in the past 7 times in all competitions with lazio, have won six times.
Juventus in the past eight serie a game, there are 7 times goal of more than 2.5.
Juventus in the past eight serie a game, there are seven goals of not less than 2.
Lazio in the past six serie a game, there are five goal of more than 2.5.
Lazio over the last four serie a game, scoring of not less than two at a time.


Start lazio first round, but they are in the game in the second-half almost Atlanta to equalise.- simone inzaghi players need to emphasize the importance of implementing tactics in the game, he wants them to do this, can’t have a moment’s lax.

Juventus face fiorentina in the season opener has been seized control, and their luxury team become the key to victory, the introduction of the blockbuster level players this summer gonzalo higuain scored the winner at the end of the game, to help the old lady to take all three points.
Juventus this advantage is more obviousSo, I believe most of the time of the season, lazio need to learn playing in Atlanta, make some new attempt, touch juve is also a good test for them.

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