W88.com gold ideas feedback $88 prize (26)

Optimal DE w88, has been committed to creating the best Asian entertainment brand, we are looking forward to your precious advice, witness optimal DE w88 growing!
Rules and terms:
  1. Activity time began in September 2016 1 00:00:00 (Beijing time), ended September 30 23:59:59 (Beijing time).
  2. This offer is only the optimal DE W88 registered members.
  3. Members can edit email to [protected] email & # 160; email:
    Email title: gold ideas feedback
    Content: the user name and your Suggestions for details.
  4. If your Suggestions or opinions adopted by using this web site, we will give a RMB 88 bonus.
  5. Bonus should be in the world outside of poker game up to 5 times that of water withdrawal.
  6. Bonus for all classes will be distributed every Monday 18 points and unified, and published in the online information.

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