W88 optimal DE club – black jack (GPI)

Blackjack game is a very interesting game, first appeared in the 16th century, started in France.If you get A “dirty” “A” and “dirty”, “J” will give bonus, English name is black jack (Blackjack).


Blackjack game is the player and the four tables location and banker gambling game.Can hold an unlimited number of players in the game in four players playing table location.A number of playersYou bet on the same position.Bet if two players in the same position, one of the players can choose suspension of another player can choose to continue to.In this case, the banker will send CARDS from other locations, but choose suspended players will not receive a card.

The rules of the game:

  • Blackjack game target is the player and banker’s card which is closer to 21 points, more than 21 points do not count
  • In 21 points can calculate into 1 or 11 o ‘clock, A male brand company at 10 a.m.,

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