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Asia to let the ball plate for sports betting has high reference value, can improve the accuracy of prediction, but dish analysis involves some terms, the small make up today to tell you about, so you better bets on games.

Let the ball plate profile:

To set the ball is also called alone win, can be understood as betting winning team in the specified game.If match with the ball for a draw, then the player bet the amount will be fully refunded, commonly known as “plate”.

Let the ballPlate is composed of three parts, in the competition of two teams, let the count (commonly known as dish) and the water level.

Let the ball plate including single ticket again and the package two kinds, namely, the betting page can see make the difference between a ball or 0.25.Single ticket refers to the games team have opened a ball, for example: inter milan side roma, the amount of the punters will all bets in the ball dish on plate.Packages refers to a game team have opened two let the ball, for example: lightning hemisphere/ball Juventus.So, punters average amount will be divided into two, namely half bets in lightningLet the hemisphere dish on, and the other half is betting on the lightning, let a dish on the ball.

Dish winning or losing the calculation:

Such as South Korea south guangzhou evergrande 0.5 a refusal, devote to guangdong evergrande win, (Hong Kong) odds is 1.03, the principal of 100 yuan, the result of the match for a 1-0, predict success, will win the 100 * 1.09 = 109 yuan.

The following figure, guangzhou evergrande, 0 or 0.5 off bets of 100 yuan, on behalf of 50 yuan bets to 0, 50 yuan bets to 0.5.This is half half win or lose, calculation methods: win half, (odds + 1) / 2 * principal, lost half, principal / 2.

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