W88 casino club hall (PT) to the client

Andy: club real casino + slot machines

You can through the website “download area” page to download.

Or through into the real casino 】 【 download, or the mouse floating slots immediately Andy club 】 【 download, can be easily installed after the download is complete game.

When they log on to the client, please add “W88″ in front of the user name.

“The strong> as shown in the above you can get download from official website three position way, Click to download the PT client computer 】 can be convenient to download.

Can be installed according to clew finish after the download is complete, because it is run for the first time the client update need some time, would you please wait patiently ~

Login Andy PT client computer, remember to add “W88″ in front of the user name

Click the client the top 【 】 the cashier counter, you can according to your needs in this deposit, transfer, withdrawal, rescue gold, return water application operation, super easy, super fast!

If want to apply for a deposit after your deposit, after you choose good purse, click on the code icon, the code will automatically enter the specified location, if you don’t want to apply for bonus, promotion code bar without entering, direct transfer.

Andy 100% discount code: W100SLPZ20.Bonus of up to 2888 yuan, 25 times of the water.

In the process of operation, if you have any questions, you can consult our online customer service at any time, thank you.

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