W88 Texas mahjong – log in for the first time how to game

The first Texas mahjong online now!Now provide you with the cash desk, free demo, championship game play, etc.Simple style is novel, you can sit at home at atletico players sit at the same table with the world!Skills, good luck, strategies, be short of one cannot, small make up in detail game for you!

GPI is pioneering new play mahjong, fusion of Texas poker game and sichuan mahjong, unique characteristics of the modern games in .Game of 2 to 6 players, each using the following mah-jong game:

Wan son

How to play: 1. Log in

Before the game, you need to purse from the center will amount to Texas after mahjong wallet, you can be in any Texas mahjong tables/game to buy chips.Game screen will be displayed in the purchase amount.The amount you need to have enough meet the purchase amount.

logged in, click on the 【 】 Texas mahjong into the game page.


Debut in Texas mahjong need to create a “nickname”, can only be created once, cannot be modified.This nickname is used only for mahjong game in Texas.GPI “user name” can your game all products.Your head is subject to change.Enter the system will automatically for you to play the game tutorial, you can choose [out of] the game directly.

Zhang regulations :

A total of 152 Texas mahjong CARDS, including 8, 8 deputy vice bobbin son (1-9), eight joker (replace any card).

How to win:

At the start of the game, players will receive 4 CARDS.In the game room, you will see “banker”, “bb” and “bb”.


Game, players need to bet on and the big blinds the same or higher value.All players have agreed to devote the same amountAfter they used 5 CARDS.Within the prescribed period of time, if there is still no winner after flash 5 CARDS, each player can choose a discard, “joker” cannot be as discard.


Continue until the flash game 5 CARDS after one or more players to win special combination.


If the winner is not the other players at the same table with note, can obtain the bottom pool.If there are two or more winners in flash CARDS, 5 winners share the bottom pool.

Texas special combination of mahjong is composed of the following five CARDS,

2 sequences and 1 pair of pairs

A pair of three and pairs

2. The game hall,

Enter the game hall, you can refer to all the games.Cash card tournament 】 【 】 【 free games 】 you can choose according to be fond of arbitrary.

【 cash table 】 : as shown in the figure below

【 】 commonly: you can choose the game table.

[quickly join 】 : the system will automatically for you matching table, fast game.

【 championship 】 : free championship tournament or cash.

"Free" : free demo.

3. The game hall query function

Texas mahjong game "history", "win/lose report" can inquire the record of nearly 30 days.You can enterIn the game hall and "pinion" icon, click on the right to view all feature.


4. Start the game,

Please select a seat before he entered the room, click: "Sit", .


Will pop up after sitting [buy], input amount and then click the “join”.


Enter the room waiting for other players to enter the room.thisGame for 2 to 6 players at the same time.


The beginning of each player in the game, will start 4 CARDS.Next, you can draw 5 CARDS.End until a player wins, the bureau.


[see card 】 : see the match.

【 and 】 : minimum bets on the forehead.

“Discard” : give up bets.

【 note 】 : increase amount of bets.

【 all-in 】 : devote all the amount.

ifYou encounter any problems game, you are welcome to contact us in time 7 & # 215;24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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