W88.com first deposit bonus of up to 1888 38% only lottery (vii)

Brings, 3 d lottery, 11 x 5 kinds of super lucky funny games, novel style, 1-3 minutes fast lottery, deposit bonus of up to 1888 yuan!

Rules and terms:
1. The activity time on August 1 00:00:00 began in 2016, ended in August 201631 23:59:59 (Beijing time).
2. This activity is only applicable to optimal DE W88 dollar, the yuan, dong, Indonesian rupiah and the Thai baht, Malaysian ringgit and won the new and old members registered.
3. During the breaks, member of single minimum deposit of 100 yuan, can obtain 38% dividend, bonus of up to 1888 yuan.
4. This activity will only apply to betting brings to each member to apply for only once.
5. This offer of lottery including super lucky/interesting brings, super/luck / 3 d lottery, super/her loveShipment/interest 11 x5 lottery.
6. During the activity, you after successful deposit, transfer ZhiLe through club wallet, enter the following code to obtain the corresponding bonus:
Bonus code Dividends to The highest dividend amount Water multiples of W38LT38%188816

7. How to use the bonus code, please refer to here.
8. Water requirement: you need to achieve (deposit + bonus) in the lottery of 16 times effective betting can draw.For example:
Transfer to the lottery club purse: RMB 100
The bonus amount: RMB 100 x38 % = RMB 38
Need to devote amount: RMB 100 + RMB 38) X 16 = RMB 2208
9. This offer cannot be used with existing first deposit, then the same deposit deposit preferential sharing, unable to get back to water and water requirements.10. If dividends have not reached double water within 30 days, we will have the right to cancel the dividend and profit.If apply for withdrawal corresponding requirement of the water has not been achieved, the dividend and profit will be charged.
11. The optimal DE W88 offer discounts only apply to entertaining players, optimal DE W88, shall have the right at any time cancel this offer for all members, or members.
12. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.

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