W88 optimal DE reality offering mobile week bonus (10)

Optimal DE club android mobile version of the existing treasure, roulette, baccarat, longhu, rolls thereof, hedy baccarat and super color bucket roll treasure reality game.Horizontal version of the vertical version of the optional flip, entertainment anytime and anywhere.Warm prompt, android mobile web site: m.w88top.com, other phone: wap.w88top.com, login immediately!

How to download:

“Click” cell phone download optimal client: to understand the details of download operation.


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1. The horizontal version of the vertical version instructions.

2. The best club android mobile phone version of the function of

Rules of interpretation:

1. This activity begins at 00:00:00 July 06, 2015 (Beijing time), as of July 12, 2015, 23:59:59 (Beijing time).

2. The android client the best club in all human desktop can participate in this activity.The

3. During the breaks in the android client optimal DE real casino, betting the forehead is 10 yuan per 5000 yuan can get bonuses, the bonus of up to 300 yuan a week.Such as: effective betting you amount to 10000 yuan, you can obtain is 20 yuan.

4 weeks bonus to 5 times water withdrawals.Such as, get bonuses for 10 yuan, 5 times water requirement, draw of about 10 yuan * 5 = 50 yuan.

5. This offer do not need to apply for , bonus will be preferential within two working days from the end of the meetingTo your superior DE W88 accounts.

6. This activity can be like instant return water and the VIP preferential “GPI reality offering preferential Shared water every week. Note: click on the [GPI real casino VIP activities] to understand the details of activities.

7. This offer cannot be Shared with your existing offers;Bet, draw, cancel the note sheet will not be calculated as effective water;Will cancel the dividend and profit amount when found.

You can click on the “preferential rules and provisions” jump events page, for details or consulting we will wholeheartedly for your service 24 hours online customer service,”/ p >

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