W88 golden cup club (ISB) – crazy platoon

Crazy platoon is a 5 axis line 20 online slot machine game.The game is set in military combat, of the image of the game and a high chance of containing the joker function such as function, free rotation, cumulative prize pool games.Immediately log in the game, and profit!

Characteristics of the game: “joker” & amp;【 free spin 】

Joker pattern: Any alternative design, to form a profitable portfolio.

freeRotation: Three scroll anywhere in this design, to win eight free rotation, in addition to the cumulative prize pool, all double bonus.

Bonus: Scroll anywhere in five or more cumulative prize pool design, will send the color gradual accumulation prize pool.

Small make up easily profit for 100 pieces of oh ~ little investment, high return you deserve!

More fascinating game, please login immediately ~ more detailed game experienceWelcome consulting 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will sincerely service for you!

A free demo

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