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On June 17, 09:00 the Cleveland cavaliers of the golden state warriors VS

Beijing time 2015-06-17 GMT on Wednesday morning, the sixth round of the NBA finals will be moving to Cleveland, knight at home loan center against the warriors.Knight on a 91-104 loss to the warriors on the road, after losing it, a big score 2-3, already push yourself to the edge of the cliff.Knights of the former two section at the end of the behind only 1 minute, but in the second half of the mutation, 3Section 17 to 22 lose 5 points, while section 4 lost 7 points, lost a total of 13 points, only a lebron’s cavs failed to resist stress.Star lebron, continues to 44 minutes had 40 points, 14 rebounds and 11 rebounds, this terrible three pairs of data, become the west after 1969, the only one cut 40 + three pairs of player in the NBA finals.Warriors now easier, the next game, a win as long as you won the championship.Game database data is no less the G5 lebron, he scored 37 points, seven rebounds and 4 assists, including 3-pointers7 for 13, is most was thrown into three players.Warriors in addition to garage did well, was replaced as described in the G4 starting iguodala, also played 42 minutes 5 of 11, 14 points, eight rebounds and seven assists, three pairs of the data is very comprehensive, and can also limit zhan emperor play on the defensive end players who can don’t like it.After the clay – Thompson said: “we will reduce the G6 as game 7 in game to play, we don’t want to come back to home (7).”The final outcome, remains to be seen.

Finals played at this stage, spellingIs the willpower and physical strength, the additional skills really affect too much.Knight took out the game 2 against the warriors, undersized team, but obviously a fast-paced, now the knight on the offensive end of the squad did much worse, if it weren’t for JR 4 remember three points in the first half, the warriors would have pulled away.But the relaxation of the warriors are routinely full 16 error nearly destroyed the good innings, if all men can take out the fourth quarter of attitude, then, the warriors are close to the title is very close.In contrast, knight, you really can’t ask James to do more, large triple-double almost single-handedly and warriors fightEquilibrium.Knight abandoned the game season’s fee – he gove, rebounding was lost to the warriors, the knights of the next boss would adjust again?

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