The new schedule w88 casino2016-2017

Beijing time on August 13, 2016, premier league first round hit, Arsenal at home against Liverpool.How the action, please look!

Liverpool away before the new season league three will face Arsenal, spurs and Chelsea.Another notable is Chelsea will usher in a London Derby at home, against west ham, it will be a new coach conte’s first league.Closely watched Manchester Derby will be in the fourth round first leg, namely at old trafford on September 10;The second leg of the DEThan the war on February 25, 2017 league round of 22 in the stadium to al-ittihad.Take a look at the schedule for the first three rounds of the ~

The first round of the premier league 2016-2017: race.

Date of Time The home team the visiting team 2016/8/13 (Saturday)7:30 p.m.Hull cityLester 2016/8/13 (Saturday)22:00burnleySwansea 2016/8/13 (Saturday)22:00The crystal palaceWest brom 2016/8/13 (Saturday)22:00evertonspurs 2016/8/13 (Saturday)2200,middlesbroughStoke city 2016/8/13 (Saturday)22:00Southamptonwatford 2016/8/14 (Sunday)00:30Manchester citysunderland 2016/8/14 (Sunday)Manner ofbournemouthManchester united 2016/8/14 (Sunday)23:00ArsenalLiverpool 2016/8/16 (Tuesday)03:00ChelseaWest ham

The premier league 2016-2017: second round schedule 2016

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/8/ 20 (Saturday)03:00Manchester unitedSouthampton 2016/8/20 (Saturday)7:30 p.m.Stoke cityManchester city 2016/8/20 (Saturday)22:00SwanseaHull city 2016/8/20 (Saturday)22:00spursThe crystal palace 2016/8/20 (Saturday)22:00watfordChelsea 2016/8/20 (weeks6)22:00West bromeverton 2016/8/20 (Saturday)22:00West hambournemouth 2016/8/20 (Saturday)22:00burnleyLiverpool 2016/8/21 (Sunday)00:30LesterArsenal 2016/8/21 (Sunday)Manner ofsunderlandmiddlesbrough 2016/8/21 (Sunday)2300,West hambournemouth

Premier league 2016-2017:3 rounds of race.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/8/27 (Saturday)7:30 p.m.spursLiverpool 2016/8/27 (Saturday)22:00Chelseaburnley
2016/8/27 (Saturday)22:00The crystal palacebournemouth 2016/8/27 (Saturday)22:00evertonStoke city 2016/8/27 (Saturday)22:00LesterSwansea 2016/8/27 (Saturday)22:00Southamptonsunderland 2016/8/27 (Saturday)22:00watfordArsenal 2016/8/28 (Sunday)00:30Hull cityManchester united 2016/8/28 (Sunday)Manner ofWest brommiddlesbrough 2016/8/28 (Sunday)23:00Manchester cityWest ham

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