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The European champions league final of Barcelona VS Juventus in

Optimal DE ,W88 Western sports, The 6In ,7At 2Point 45 points,The annual grandly held at the champions league final will.As is known to all, led by MSN barca called cosmos, power all rivals Juventus, this year’s championsChampions league any suspense? & # 8230;

This season’s champions league final in Berlin, against the two sides is super overlord Barcelona and Juventus in the serie a class, in terms of strength and degree of starlight, significantly better than Barcelona with MSN.Lionel messi will be led by MSN to impact of buffon, led Juventus defence, whether the italians really find defensive measures, is worth looking forward to.As the highest level of competition in the world, the extent of attention put on the champions league final, various gambling bet amount is huge, gaming companies opened also very cautious.Generally speaking, the mainstream gambling company opened a number of plate to compensateAccording to the very real.According to statistics, since the champions league final in 2003, there have been only two times price advantage party lose in 90 minutes: 2005 Monaco and Manchester united in 2009, and the people on both sides of the two final power is very close.

Juve 352 is not set in stone, if necessary, the two wings of retraction, 532 formation, can also be transformed into 4132, 4132. Of course, the main or 3 DCS system, with three central defenders against Barcelona front three, two wings against alves, alba assists, perhaps it is difficult to find a space to Barcelona.Allegri will not give upMessi’s limit, if messi retreat, Mr Can withdraw from the defensive area, 1 midfielder back to the line, continue to form 3 DCS system.So, Juventus will counter in the stadium.

Optimal DE ,W88Western sports Asian dishes out: Barcelona 1The ball high water location

The optimal DE W88 this testimonials: Juventus defender is solid, but resist the focal point of Barcelona, I’m afraid I still have great difficulty, the overall performance of the season, Barcelona’s title should is more, there is no suspense Barcelona in the champions.

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