W88 warm-up – the Chinese men’s basketball team 57-106 by the United States men’s basketball team

Beijing time on July 25, in just a warm-up games after the end of the U.S. men’s basketball team in 106-57 easily defeat the Chinese men’s basketball team.The U.S. six players in double figures, and 5 of 7 Kevin durant 19 points and five assists, clay – Thompson made 6 of 10 17 points, DE mar – demar derozan, German marcus – take an examination of hyacinth, nickelodeon drew – Jordan and Carey – Owen also had 13 points and 12 points respectively, 12 points and 10 points.

OuWenHuang zhelin wang

Small Jordan dunk

Ding Yanyu navigation eyes firmly

Small Jordan picked plate

Yi jianlian scored a rebound

Lowry ball attack

Owen forced break through

Soup god defend

Pg one-on-one hit lowry

Anthony there

Small Jordan taishan coping

Yi jianlian PK adᄡ998871111219982387

Housekeeper to

Pickled peppers passing

God ball to attack

Demar derozan looking for his teammatesThe

Durant is happy

God soup to warm up

Melon to warm up

Yi jianlian played

West watching

Wish the Chinese men’s basketball team will soon celebrate the 2016 Olympics in Rio DE janeiro athletes can play extreme levels in the Olympics.Come on!!!!!!

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