W88 casino Barcelona top 10 players sold: figo no pick the top 3 ronaldinho

The transfer market this summer, Barcelona activity, continuous sign reinforcements at the same time, like Daniel alves, barthes pull and sandro also said goodbye with Barcelona in the summer, and their transfer fee is not high, and the reference before zlatan ibrahimovic, transfer of beriah: of heber, the Barcelona also give people a feeling of not selling.According to reports in Spain, adriano will most likely also in recent days over besiktas, transfer to the soil and Barcelona can only get a transfer fee of 600000 euros, which also makes the media was very shocked.

Barcelona players in the history of price of the top ten most expensive star:

Top 10 eto ‘o 20 million euros International milan

In the summer of 2009, Samuel eto ‘o as ibrahimovic trading tret was sold to inter milan, Barcelona as the top scorer in Barcelona in la liga, eto ‘o only sold 20 million euros.And the deal Barcelona did not earn, Samuel eto ‘o inA move to inter milan after the team scored five crown, and in that year’s champions league semi-final, Barcelona is routed by the foot of inter.

TOP9 zlatan ibrahimovic 24 million euro AC milan

And Samuel eto ‘o east in 2009Home of zlatan ibrahimovic and didn’t stay too long at Barcelona, after just one season, zlatan ibrahimovic has been on loan at AC milan, Barcelona after yet another year, milan for 24 million euros a buyout price will be zlatan ibrahimovic, ibrahimovic between also officially put on the red and black stripe.And Barcelona first to introduce zlatan ibrahimovic, in addition to eto ‘o, Barcelona also spent 46 million euros.

TOP8 cristianoAs the 25 million euro AC milan

As the king of the nou camp once, ronaldinho gave barca fans countless memories, and European help Barcelona in 2006.But as the state falling, ronaldinho was Barcelona cleaning lists.Barcelona in the summer of 2008, as the biggest dream two dynasty, ronaldinho to move to AC milan for 25 million euros, over 5 years of experience in Barcelona.

TOP7 tiago 25 million euros Bayern Munich

That year, Barcelona midfielder talent, another promising as Barcelona youth, tiago is difficult to replace xavi, andres iniesta and other players as starters.In the summer of 2013, tiago to transfer fee of 25 million euros to the teacher guardiola coaching bayern Munich.Under pep guardiola, tiagoMore chances than Barcelona, but frequent injuries have delayed his way to star.

TOP6 pedro Chelsea up to 27 million euros

After joining Barcelona suarez, MSN became Barcelona striker is a firm person.Because it is difficult to get stable time, pedro but also choose to leave their beloved Barcelona.Since the first team to Barcelona, pedro a total of three appearances for Barcelona21 times and scored 99 goals, before leaving Barcelona, pedro also heroics helped Barcelona in the uefa super cup title.And Barcelona also did not get much of a fee on pedro, Chelsea were given cost 27 million euros, pedro.

TOP5 ronaldo inter 28 million 28 million

As one of history’s greatest stars, ronaldo during for barcaPerformance is no solution, all sorts of magical goals also let then Barcelona coach old robson screamed for aliens.But unfortunately, ronaldinho for only played one season at Barcelona, in the summer of 1997, he was joining inter milan to transfer fee of 28 million euros.

Manchester city TOP4 yaya toure 30 million euros

In the 2008-09 season, Barcelona won the team history the first triple crown,Yaya toure.But with the rise of busquets, yaya toure has gradually lost its main location.Barcelona in the summer of 2010, with the price of 30 million euros will be sold kolo toure to Manchester city, and kolo toure after come to Manchester city, Manchester city has rapidly become a hub of offensive and defensive, and help the premier league champions Manchester city won the 2011-12 season.

TOP3 fabregas 33 million euro Chelsea

After the return to Barcelona from Arsenal, fabregas is not the same as people expected, Harvey’s successor, really into the system of Barcelona.Although from Marcia, but make in the premiership after years of small method can no longer be perfect react with Barcelona.In addition, small method also isn’t happy at Barcelona, pep guardiola and bela nova, small method is most of the time as the team’s first substitute midfielder.Finally in the summer of 2014, small method to transfer fee of 33 million back to the premiership, but the club changed to Chelsea.

Ranked by sanchez 42.5 million euros Arsenal

In the summer of 2014, Mr. Sanchez, a move to Arsenal, with a net worth of 42.5 million euros, and quickly became Arsenal’s new leg.Since the move to Barcelona in the summer of 2011, Mr. Sanchez in three seasons, 88 appearances, scoring 47 goals, and 34 assists.And the transfer of 42.5 million euros income, ranked second in the history of high transfer is BarcelonaIncome.

Real Madrid TOP1 figo 60 million euros

In 2000, with the number 7 shirt, Barcelona Barcelona vice captain luis figo’s then move to Barcelona with a net worth of 60 million euros, rivals real Madrid, despite there are Michael laudrup, who defected, but figo this defect is the most difficult to accept a Barcelona fans.In figo return to camp nou for the first time, the Barcelona fans in addition to the boos, tooThrow out the pig to figo.But the transfer fee of 60 million euros, become not only the record of the Barcelona, and still no one can break.

So each star, is worth beyond measure, will never know a star in the short term price surge, various views on Internet users also each are not identical.Wish these shining stars in the career more walk more far!

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