W88 casino lucky to create

experience explosive exciting lucky spin, the chance only in Texas poker full play, the top 230 players will have the opportunity to share $100000 bonuses. Immediately game win prizes!

How to apply:

1.This activity began on 1 July 2016 00:00:00 (Beijing time), and by 2016 on July 31 59:59:59 (Beijing time).
2. During the activity, all the participants in the lucky guy players can participate in this offer.
3. During the activity, as long as the purchase of a lucky guy, regardless of the amount of size can be accumulated.
4. Every game ending has no effect to this activity.
5. The bonus will be added to the player’s account after the activity.
6. This offer only applies to entertaining players, GPI platform shall have the right at any time cancel this offer for all members, or members.


The ranking of cash bonus 112000美元 29000美元 37000美元 45500美元 54500美元 63750美元 713.8万亿美元 8$出资 92.750美元 102,500美元 112.250美元 122,000美元

131750美元 141500美元 151400美元 161300美元 171200美元 181100美元 = “19$版 209.50美元 21$ 900 22$ 850 2380 2475

row1 ”
25The $700 26The $650 27The $600 28The $550 29The $500 30The $450 31 to 40400美元 41-50为35 51-60为300 000美元 61-70$ 250 71-80200美元 81-90$ 150

“91-91.The $100 101-101.The $75 161-161.$50

# all players involved in the chance to share as much as $100000 prize!
7. List updated daily activities.
8. This activity from the poker client list, please check your rankings.

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