W88 casino android four unity (new) – WeChat deposit seconds to account

Four unity android mobile, provide casino slot machines, and happy four colour and sports products, new version does not need to discharge, you can directly install the game!New circulation desk, deposits, withdrawals, transfers and history hand, relaxed entertainment!More explosive optimal DE W88 exclusive WeChat step deposits, unique, alone!Optimal DE W88 help you master the betting anytime and anywhere, gain points minutes!Small make up will be detailed to introduce the new function for you.

Download and install

If your phone has been installed CLUB W client, without having to uninstall, can be installed.If you do not install, small make up to help you to easily download installation.

Login optimal DE W88 website to scan the qr code to download mobile pages 】 【.

At this point you can use the qr code scanner 】 【 scan qr code to download accordingly, the following steps:

Download the installation, then the game.

Dang dang dang dang!New feature, the reported, hand!All makeWith sense and web version is!

Landing pages to increase the function of “accounts”, mobile phone easily registered!Operation and web version!

The menu bar at the left side of homepage, updated as follows:

[the report] : choose your start time and end time of queries, click: magnifying glass icon, but the total query you bets and win/lose situation.

[rule] : drop-down menu to view all the rules of the game in the real casino game.

The cashier’s desk 】 : deposit, transfer, withdrawal, the circulation desk history, four payment function.

“Deposit”, now offers the easiest WeChat payments.Single limit 20.00 1000 yuan.

Small make up will give you a grand introduction, Mobile phone WeChat new depositsStep, the real deposit seconds to account!

[transfer] : function and site operation, you can show or hide balance, choose the purse money transfer immediately.

【 withdrawal 】 : enter your corresponding drawing information, click: submit.

To the account successfully!You can through the query to the cashier’s history 】 【 payment situation, as shown in the figure below.

“Online chat” : 7 x24 hours all year round quality online customer service team to serve you.

“Logout” : if you want to exit this client, please click: logout.

Use more details welcome consulting 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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