W88.com’s euro tournament recommended – versus Belgium in wales

03:00 on July 2, in 2016Wales versus Belgium The two sides are expected to start: Wales: Hennessey, gunter, Chester, ASHLEY Williams, Davis, Taylor, ridley, Ellen;Ramsey, bell, robson, kanu;Belgium: Kurt tuva, senior, alder WeiLeiEr DE, vermaelen, Mr. Tong heng, the golan, victor Selma, 6:00 PM, DE browInside, azar, luca library.

Optimal DE western sports starting grids, Belgium – 0.5 – the ball.

Tomorrow at 3 o ‘clock in the morning, the euro 2016 quarter-final second game, wales and Belgium in lille Pierre – mo kupi encounter.Is located in the northern France lille can be classified as Belgium’s second home, the game only 16 km from the Belgian border.It is reported that there are more than 150000 Belgian fans gathered in lille, the local welsh fans are about 20000 people.The reds borrowed right and, in Europe alsoAt the opponents, the last four in front of the home fans.

Although the euro is the team into the finals for the first time in the history of stage, but wales is no amateurs sentimental feeling, instead of constantly create history all the way, the group 2-1 finished top of the team in the one 8 final again defeated fellow army in Northern Ireland, successful promotion last eight, the front is the team’s core bell ShouGong princes, with three goals in three group games, game and he has made the opponent’s own goal, cross the former real Madrid star is in the best time to their career, but before and after the three lines have a ballStar anchors than Belgium, wales squad slightly good and bad are intermingled, once the bell and Ramsey two backbone was focus on head-to-head with opponents, it is difficult to find other scoring method in wales.

Belgium’s performance in the European championship is get, although the first round defeat to Italy in the group stage, but the team to adjust quickly, coach motz lineup change into more aggressive after 4231, the Belgian even take triumph, one 8 final 4-0 sweep of Hungary, the biggest score, with European frontcourt core azar state, three consecutive games have the assists, Germany within the brow,Victor Selma and carrasco who also has a stable, but also team players in the league in England, the tactics of wales is also very familiar with, a goal scored eight goals in three games and do not break the united Europe, have the ability to continue to create success.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended Belgian let the hemisphere wins the game.

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