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Shaolin rotation is a 5 axis is a way of winning 243 online slot machine game.The game features a joker pattern, spread pattern 】 【 】, 【 free rotation, and extend the joker pattern 】 【 【 prize three times, etc.Into the mysterious shaolin world, rotate to obtain high power bonus ~

【 spread pattern: will reward the free rotation.
【 joker pattern 】 : can prolong, joker pattern can only appear on the axis of 3.4 and 5.
【 free spin 】 : all bonuses calculated at three times.

【 spread pattern 】 : in any position can constitute a winning combination of rotor.It will reward a certain ratio of total handle and free rotation.

【 joker pattern 】 : alternative the winning combination of design, but can not be replaced by spreading pattern.

You can use the following shortcut key 】 【 convenient operation.

Clear and simple, high bonuses, win more!

If you have any question in the process of game, please contact me in timeThe 7 * 24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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