Euro w88 casino games recommendation – Slovakia versus England

Beijing time on June 21 (Tuesday) at 3:00, France’s euro 2016 group B will be the final round of a game, in st. dean hot ofer kupi – base, stadium by the slovak against England.

Slovakia VS England,

Overall record of

Only three times in the history of the two sides met, two is in the euro 2004 qualifier, 2009 on the warm-up match, England 3 gamesWins.Two teams at the 2018 World Cup qualifier and points in a group, and living heats the first round of the two teams will meet in September.

The situation of

England win can certainly obtain group 1, group B group after 1 opponent is one of ACD group 3, the group 1 is very valuable.England draw also qualify for certain, but if can not win in wales, England can get group 1.Slovakia to win to qualify for certain, draw and loss to see wales vs. Russia’s results and the situation of the other groups.

24 unbeaten England’s euro

After the 2-3 defeat to Croatia in 2007, England has 24 consecutive unbeaten in the European championship qualifiers and finals (not counting penalty shootout is only 90 minutes and 120 minutes), this dominant position in the power of England, the situation is better than Slovakia, is expected to continue unbeaten record.

Skrtel is a difficult task. “

Slovakia defense is the core in the Liverpool defender Martin skrtel, he and England Henderson, sturridge, klein, milner, pull the rana is now the club team-mate, andLin is a former club teammate, he to England players are very familiar with, he bear the task of defensive.Slovakia goalkeeper mocha and midfielder mark in the English premier league club, the former substitute goalkeeper in the 2010-13 season everton do only two premier league appearances, while the latter is the 2008-10 season on the Manchester city but not played.


This is one of the euro 2016 group B games.The group ranked 2nd slovak team against England was ranked no. 1, the two sides only three times in the near future record, Slovakia, all loseFor England and scored two goals conceded eight net negative 6 ball, ball three times, Slovakia disadvantage, completely is not dominant, but a recent meetings too in February 2009.Currently holding four points ranked the top three lions, this can make sure the team to win top qualifications, it will go all out, fighting spirit, track record and the overall strength have the upper hand, this deserves help.

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