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On May 31 00:30 Arsenal v aston villa in

Beijing time on May 31, 2015 00:30, Arsenal will with aston villa on winning the fa cup final, if Arsenal win, win the fa cup will be two years in a row.

Arsenal’s recent formMore general, fortunately, the previous round the 4-1 win at west brom, find the feeling of winning.But in the face of Swansea and sunderland, Arsenal have lost scores, Arsenal next few games or unstable performance.Aston villa less state, however, the final two rounds of the game lost, especially on the road against Southampton, were given five goals in the first half, the defence’s performance is very bad.But aston villa to play in the fa cup is very strong, all the way through to the finals, the semi-finals when they eliminated is Liverpool.Clash in the past, nearly 10 times, Arsenal 7 wins and 1Flat and 2 defeats, but in this season, Arsenal are big score double kill aston villa.In the 12 years in the fa cup, Arsenal’s 3-2 victory over aston villa.In the game, Arsenal full advantage.On the strength than villa.

Data analysis:

Arsenal’s premier league match this season’s third high, up to 57%.Arsenal’s premier league goals this season more than a third team, averaging 1.87 goalsIn recent 10 official games.Arsenal have only four games single-game scoring 1 ball.

Aston villa this season the premiership winning percentage by 26%.Aston villa is one of the premier league goals this season at least team, averaging 0.82 goals.In the last 10 games, aston villa have each at least be scored 2 goals in five games.

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