New – euro special w88 awarding club

Awarding euro club of new preferential come!A lot on the new one you liking, faster to use your points balance for ~

To exchange gifts: The be fond of according to you can choose gifts catalog wide variety of gifts, each free gift or betting displays how many points can exchange, as long as you is greater than the current integral points of the show, move the mouse to the picture on display exchange and details, you click on the exchange.

In your successSubmitted after application, the optimal DE W88 awarding specialist contact you and check for you after checking.The postage is superior to DE W88 undertake.

Query points: Log in to your account, can click the top right corner or mouse floating balance/integral 】 【 main menu bar “bonus points” into the integral query page.Choose the date for the query and query.Specific operation please click on the How to query details bonus points 】Learn more about.

Warm prompt: if you are not using any of the points in the exchange on (date), within the validity period for the integral of the failure will no longer use after expiration.Please be sure to remember at 6 months period in time for you to get points.

The validity of the sapphire loyalty points six (6) months.

Gold members integral is valid for twelve (12) months.

platinum diamond membership integral will be effective for a long time.

Mobile phone anytime, anywhere can exchange using integral, for more details, please click on the 【 mobile awarding club 】 The query.

More discount details, you can consult online customer service 24 hours a day, orThe login and then click the “awarding club” for details.

If you have any questions about integral rewards program, you are always welcome email to [email & # 160; protected] queries.

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