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Lucky guy is exciting Texas poker full play, there are three players will be able to rotate and give three players for each rotation opportunities.Immediately log rotation win bonuses!

                                                     The probability of

Fortune cookie50% How to buy43% X10 buying7%

Lucky spin game:

Basic gameplay and sit go lucky spin championships, three players into the table will be displayed after rotary and itself automatically begins to spin.If the rotary table to the bonus, the three players to Texas poker game, the winner will beGet bonus.If the wheel turns to green area, the player will get a fortune cookie, fortune cookies in random to get a card (10) in

Wheel in the fortune cookie stop running, all players will receive a fortune cookie, the game ends.Collect 10 card, can get bonuses!When players get card, automatically withdrew from the tournament, if you want to continue to collect CARDS, need to deliver the purchase amount, lucky rotation game collection.

When the player all collected 10 CARDS, according to buy amount is different,Give customers the corresponding bonus (pictured).

A total of 3 lucky spin buying amount (pictured) and three kinds of rewards.

Buy value of Cookie dividend of

The $1$10The A $5The $70 $10The $150

Fortune cookie available card a total of 10, different countries, when the player with the same amount to buy two of the same card, then the system will automatically give up one of them.As players got in the amount of $1 to buy a Chinese card, again after buying a $championship and received a card of China, the players still only a China card.But if the customer in the two dollars to buy amount of championshipA Chinese card, then the player respectively in the lucky spin of $1 and $2 each have a China card.

Note: different buying lucky in the rotation amount of CARDS each other, each other is not cumulative.

Lucky spin commission 5% of total amount of the settlement to “buy”.

The blinds structure/starting chip

The play spins the share $100000 bonus!

From June 13th to July 31 to join the latest lucky guy, the cumulative amount of your purchase.The top 230 players will get more bonus!Experience more exciting Texas poker full play, win the opportunity to share the $100000 prize!

Terms and conditions of

The & # 8211;The favourable activity since June 13 after the maintenance on July 31 of 24 points.

The & # 8211;During this period, all the participants in the lucky guy players were included in the preferential activities.

The & # 8211;During the preferential activities as long as the buy in a lucky guy, no matter how much the amount will accumulate the amount.

The & # 8211;The result of every game, the favourable activity does not have any effect.

The & # 8211;After the discount activity, bonuses will transfer to the player’s account.

The & # 8211;GGNetwork reserves the right to change or stop the promotion.

If you encounter any problems in the game, please contact our 24 hours online customer service, thank you!

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