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03:00 on June 16, , 2016France VS albaniansThe two sides are expected to start: France: Los rees, sagna, lamy, coase, evra, Canterbury, cherniy, misty edie, kappa, payette, giroux, masha,;Albania: O berisha, sea Zaire, tiffany, groom rai, agri, ABU rush, Cleveland, tao rand – card, rosh, elio sadiku, AaronAli larijani.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: France – 1.5-2 ball.

As the host country, France is the tournament favourites.France 2-1 win in Romania in the opener, although the process make people nervous, but the ending is perfect.This war and Albania, if can beat his opponent, France will lock their qualifying.It is worth noting that in marseille, France WeiLuoDe roma stadium previous four games with three wins and a draw unbeaten, this makes them more confidence.

on opening night, payette war god.By he almost help France to beat Romania to start, this time whether can still continue stopping payette status?His performance as his focus.Giroux, moreover, with a goal in the opening phase proved his ability, also let a person forget gradually the first-choice striker karim benzema.Arsenal forward bully also expect to take break, help the French into the knockout.

Albania first-round loss to Switzerland, although look from the result, Albania is very awkward.But from the game to play, but they won the respect.The match, especially inA few people in the second half of the cases, Albania played attacking threat is bigger than Switzerland, if not the squad with bush lost at the end of the game the best chance of single pole, Albania may have got the first goal in the history of the euro club with the first integrals.So the strength of Albania.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended Albania refusal under half ball.

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