Recommended – Turkey versus euro w88 matches Croatia

09:00 on June 11, 2016 the two sides are expected to start: Turkey: babacan, gong nur, kayani, Pal, barr tower, ozzy coop, child sweat oulu, al da figure and the south, Elgin, ma il;Croatia: Croatia: Sue, Brazil srna, Joel luca, seal field, vader, bader, Kitty, luka modric, perry sich, mann Zhu Jiji, kali,

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Croatia – 0.5 – the ball.

In the euro 2008 quarter-final, Turkey and Croatia in the Austrian capital Vienna head-on.Neither and both conventional within 28 minutes before game time, overtime failed to score, but Croatia striker Ivan klasnic scored in the 119th minute, looks almost has announced the death of Turkey.However, Turkey’s meese – thain figure, in overtime stoppage time 2 minutes will miraculously pull the score became 1-1, when he celebrated, and Croatian defender the player drops collapsed, still in the mind.

Turkey push the Netherlands promotion in qualifying, and after a few years after the trough, and army finally.In five games in Turkey have won four games, losing to England in a friendly, they continuously beat, Montenegro and Slovenia shows the good state.This time against Croatia, Turkey is also looking forward to start, 16 to lay the foundation for promotion.

The group D of the tournament is a group of death, in addition to Spain, Turkey, the Czech republic, Croatia has considerable strength, versus the outcome of the game will directly determine the slots for directions.Crow,Respectively in the warm-up games beat, moldova and SAN marino in 7 games they have six wins and a draw mark of status.This time against Turkey, grid corporation also hope to triumph.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended Croatia let the hemisphere wins the game.

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