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The focus of the euro group E gear in Belgium and Italy.Belgium is now recognized as one of the biggest dark horse, also is the national team squad very luxurious.So this is what to watch for, the first is whether the series debut in Belgium, and even the adzharian star can flash are to watch.On the back global Italy, of course, this can do a good job in defense, first will be an important part of a game.This should is also the team’s top battle, so this is also the difference between life and death war, after all, who wants to go further in the future.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/6/14 (Tuesday)00:00The IrishThe Swedish 2016/6/14 (Tuesday)03:00BelgiumItaly 2016/6/17 (on Friday)At 21:00ItalyThe Swedish 2016/6/18 (Saturday)At 21:00BelgiumThe Irish 2016/6/23 (Thursday)03:00meaningItalianThe Irish 2016/6/23 (Thursday)03:00The SwedishBelgium

Belgium VS Italy,

Belgium (for the group probability of 50.8%),

As azar, Germany in the brow, luca libraries, such as the maturity of the golden generation, people look forward to Belgium to rule the world football.According to their FIFA ranking, now really Belgium in a golden age.But they needIs not only a ranking, also need to be able to fully embody their own talent and potential, and also need to perform well in the world series, even won the championship.People in Belgium in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil about the full of expectation, but they are in the quarter-finals because there is no lost to Argentina at the best state.The European championship, led by the help of is wilmot young stars playing the best opportunity to his name.Their group is quite good, Belgium can more easily qualification to the knockout stages.

Italy to group leaders probability (21%),

The azzurri to promotion to the European championship race, the unbeaten record but conti led by the Italian on offense is really bad.European championship qualifier away during Malta, the azzurri have only 1-0 win the most economical, and Italy also didn’t show a strong teams in the game’s dominance.As euro 2012 runner-up, the azzurri in the past two world cups have failed to qualify from the group.In view of the Italian player power, should be able to qualify from the group, but it’s hard to go far in the knockout stages.

【 preview 】 data,

1, the game will be from the center of Lyon in France, Lyon stadium for about 10 km east of the future a week, there will be continuous rain weather Leon li.The temperature of the day should be in 13 to 22 degrees Celsius, has certain northwest wind breeze, relative or a suitable match.

2, Belgium on best results for the 1980 European championship runner-up, and Europe at that time the reds stunned the world golden generation.Although the Belgium FIFA ranked first in the world, but the last time for euro also traced back to 2000, then in the body of one of the hostsEntry, which is a Belgian finals in the fifth stage of the game.Italy participated in seven European championship finals, missed six times.Italy in 1968, 1968 and three times into the euro 2012 finals.In the history of the World Cup, the Italian national team has won four titles, is one of the most successful national squad.But in the history of European championship, Italian only won one title, it is in euro 1968.The last European championship, Italian runner-up.

3, Belgium, Belgium’s no.1 centre-half, Manchester city captain kompanyTo injury in the champions league semi-final against real Madrid, has an early goodbye to the euro, it should be a loss for Belgium.In addition, the celtics bo tower and zenit st Petersburg lung Ms. Bartz also has a certain degree of injury.In Italy, Juventus general marchisio knee cruciate ligament rupture out for half a year, then known as pirlo successor of villa’s because of a groin surgery cannot be selected for the Italian influence is not small.

4, from the perspective of the performance of two teams in recent warm-up, Belgium performance obviously.The biggest characteristic is in BelgiumIs a luxury frontcourt, with numerous defender is still lack, Belgium can do a good job in defense will be key.Italian warm-up is fairly recently, of course, but the team significantly fewer goals, but the team defense.

5, after both had two meetings, seems to be two sides of the palm.To say, of course, reference, of course, after the warm-up is more meaningful, Belgium’s victory over Italy at the time.

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