Euro w88 casino2016 group F match

On the morning of June 15, Beijing time zero point, the euro 2016 group F first round, Austria in bordeaux stadium against Hungary.Euro French open final group game, Austria will have bound up with his Hungarian.The disparity between two team strength, but not draw with Austria attaches great importance to the defense of Hungary.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/6/15 (Wednesday)00:00AustriaIn Hungary, 2016/6/15 (Wednesday)03:00PortugalIceland 2016/6/19 (Sunday)00:00IcelandIn Hungary, 2016/6/19 (Sunday)03:00PortugalAustria 2016/6/23 (Thursday)00:00IcelandAustria 2016/6/23 (Thursday)00:00In Hungary,Portugal

V Hungary in Austria

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Before the European championship qualifying, Austria 9 wins and a draw in the group, group pressure of Russia and the Swedish team top, stunning performance.Especially on the road a 4-1 victory over Sweden and a 1-0 victory over Russia showed the strength of this team and maturity.But after a warm-up on the team’s poor performance, only victory over Albania and Malta, but lost to the Netherlands, Turkey, and Switzerland.Present the Austrian team, team in Appalachia, nao o dThe star players, team stressed that the overall, defensive counter-attack play it is a threat.

Hungary has swept across Europe in the history of football, but then the team lasted for nearly 50 years of terminal decline.On the European championship qualifiers, Hungary’s lucky a strength relatively weak assigned to the team, the team finally in the name of the group’s third in the play-offs.In the play-off Hungary’s excellent performance, complete to Norway double over two legs in the home and away, among the European championship race in the end.The current lineup, Hungary’s lackluster, the largest known of team I’m afraid he played for appealed and butFor the striker he only 1 goal in qualifying, and of course the team also only two goals in qualifying top scorer, visible Hungary offensive strength weak.

Though the two teams bound up in history, but little, though.Last time the two sides met in 2006 on the warm-up, the Austrian 2-1 defeat to Hungary.

The latest issue of the FIFA international rankings, Austria ranks the tenth, tied their best ranking of the national team.Qualifying, they are 10 9 wins and impressive.In the past, Austria attended only oneUefa cup race, or as joint hosts in 2008, at the time, they group record of 1 and 2 defeats, embarrassed.Therefore, this time against Hungary, their goal is to euro gains is the first win.

Austrian 23 people, 15 people from Germany football, if be played in the bundesliga, but also as many as 19 people.Compared with rapid rise of Austria, Hungary’s performance some tepid, the group stages, they defeat to Northern Ireland and Romania, in the team into the play-offs, double Norway entered the race by two round.


Both sides have 137 meetings in history, Hungary 66-31-40 dominant.Last time the two sides met in August 2006, when Austria in a warm-up game 1-2 defeat to Hungary.

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