W88.com’s euro 2016 top ten point first: in the history of the most intense session!

The 15th at 3 am, Beijing time 11 European cup will kick off in France, who will be in the opening game against Romania team.Euro next month, 51 games will be open the quadrennial football feast, are different from the World Cup and European championship teams between the strength of the more average, a greater degree of wonderful games.At the opening on European ten big attraction for you, a sneak peek.

1, pack up, and who will lift the delaunay cup

Is about to start the European championship, reallyIs one of the most competitive in recent years.Look around the powers, Germany won the World Cup, Spain win the two-time champions, Belgium at the FIFA world first, cristiano ronaldo is one of the best players in the world, so, the top in Europe has brought together world power.

As a result, many teams to lift cup’s brow, and various special skills.Host nation France holds the right place, right time and, with masha and pogba two hot star.Spain no longer by Harvey and xabi alonso at the helm, but the strength of the Spanish football in Europe this season, another proved itThe advanced football philosophy.

At the same time, the hindrance of Germany’s expensive for Brazil the World Cup, to replace the Spanish and European trend;Belgium’s “golden generation” has experienced the baptism of the World Cup, the mind will be more mature, damage further enhanced;Italy the steady style is best for promotion of the competition, although the couple is numerous, but the italians are often in a series of special forces.

In addition, England has brought together a new generation of young talents of the premier league, they has always been a contender, can not be ignored, not to mention the zlatan ibrahimovic and cristiano ronaldo has thousands of performers of superpowers.fromOdds, France, Germany and Spain have more, but the gap between the odds is very small, supporting the title battle fierce and uncertain.

2, old and new overlord whether to touch?Germany Spain to meet final

In European history, only a previous champions in the premiership, namely in 2008 and 2012, the Spanish title in a row.Turn over the past 14 series, closest to the title three times in a row is a former west Germany, two European championship in 1972 and 1980, they divideDon’t defeated the Soviet union and Belgium, but in the 1976 European cup final, the former west Germany in the penalty shoot-out defeat to the Czech republic.

Twice now, eight years dominated Europe Spain will stage a come back, although Harvey, alonso midfield has to leave, but Spain’s ball game still stay ahead in Europe, if win, Spain will undoubtedly built throughout Europe shuo this dynasty, but on the other hand, their challenger has been keen to get in.

The Brazilian World Cup two years ago, Germany’s strong, especially the semi-final 7 to 1 victory over host Brazil, let the worldA vibration.Now, led by Germany’s hindrance joachim low, even the Royce such stars are not included in the squad, reflected the strong German tanks.

However, from the draw, Germany and Spain could only just met in the final, this is a big challenge for both sides, including the host nation France, world number one Belgium, will hinder the join forces with the two biggest.However, Spain VS Germany, I’m afraid in the euro’s most anticipated showdown.

3, top scorer who die?The blighAll ready Val di shire is

Historically, European cup top scorer of the struggle has always been fierce, but except the sign of michel platini five to nine ball, nearly 30 years have never top scorer than 5 grain of goals.The euro, including zlatan ibrahimovic, lai wan, more European super striker, will be to this record.

All the striker had to core is Portuguese cristiano ronaldo, although over thirty years old, but cristiano ronaldo is still maintained a terrorist scoring record, as Portugal’s offensive absolute core, ronaldo has other people do not have”Infinite fire right “, he is undoubtedly the best striker.

In addition, many for the first time to participate in the European championship rookie striker is worth looking forward to, and turks child oulu khan, the England striker harry Kane, the French troops shire are key striker.It is worth mentioning, leicester city striker val di despite the age, is the euro for the first time to participate in such a world series “new man”, he will create miracles at?

4, dark horse legend civilian teams play?More team shock strength

blackHorse, has always been to watch the World Cup and European championship competition in European history, Denmark, Greece has completed a win amazing feats.Due to expansion, Hungary, Iceland, etc will be the first time this year to participate in the European championship, they all have potential to become a dark horse.

Around all could become a dark horse, Belgium as the world first, the colour will not be enough.But if Poland, led by levante, west goodson Iceland, have a child with the sweat of oulu led the wales team, such as Turkey, bell enough strength has become a dark horse.

There is a mysterious euro law of “dark horse”,Contest every 12 years was born a horse a dark horse in the final: Yugoslavia in 1968, 1968, Belgium, Denmark in 1992, Greece in 2004, another 12 years, euro 2016 there will be magic scene appear?

Euro 5, expanded its influence the quality?

Development to today, euro finals team scale have been expanding, from the original, four to eight teams, to 16 teams, 24 teams until now.More countries have the opportunityOn the European stage show yourself, but on the other hand, similar to Northern Ireland, Albania and other teams to qualify, while increases the chances of getting a dark horse, but during the probability also increases greatly.

Perhaps, the military will stimulate “Denmark fairy tale” and “Greek mythology” from happening again., however, has been to “elite sport” proud of the euro, has been branded “no pushovers” events, will will not be reduced due to the expansion of the splendid degree?This question, I’m afraid only at the end of the contest, will get the answer.

6, farewell,Youth!How many veteran will say goodbye?

For fans in China, since the 80 s television began broadcasting European football, European football league campaign begins popularity in the 90 s, has not yet retired many stars, representing the Chinese fans to watch a “youth memories”.

The 2014 World Cup, Harvey, xabi alonso, lahm, Andrea pirlo star waving goodbye.The leave have been identified, the European championship, stars including Italy goalkeeper gianluigi buffon.In addition, zlatan ibrahimovic, Kathy, patrice evra, andres iniesta is faced with the twilight of his career.These starsDon’t, will certainly to fans and media of yet another round of “emotional”.

7, could attack the clouds?European safety end?

In Paris, the September 11 terrorist attacks last year, a related to football sports has become another target for terrorists.The news, I’m afraid I will be to cast a shadow over.

Again, a few days before the competition showed the bad news, the British, French authorities have issued a warning alert to terrorist attacks, France more than 100000 security guards have BeiQin at his position.In addition, the news that the French police have arrested several suspect in the launch terrorist attacks, and searched hundreds of kilograms of explosives.These messages, it will be France’s euro safety problems.

8, the Chinese super league face?The national security front bully is the only only

In recent years, the Chinese super league star hao for Europe and the United States, the ongoing copa America, there are two Brazilian national team’s absolute main force from Chinese super league.At euro, in the Chinese super effective Iceland veteran eidur gudjohnsen will play, and Turkish strikerMa il has become the active effect of Chinese super euro only child.

This season, however, ma il hereby on behalf of the national security in a handful of occasions, most of the time was encumbered with injuries.The former soil can top scorer for the super “face”, is still unknown.

9, cristiano ronaldo is the last chance?

Ronaldo was born in 1985, has spent most of the professional athletes, sports ability heyday, but with the hard training, cristiano ronaldo is still remain the world’s most excellent ballPart of the body quality and technical ability.However, ronaldo has never led Portugal won the intercontinental championship, one of the most close to champion, was lost to Greece in the euro 2004 final.

But have to say that with the increase of age, cristiano ronaldo in the future will also face motion state of decline.Today, 31, he is still in the peak period, after his Portugal title is not impossible.But I’m afraid, as the rise of Germany, Belgium, France and Brazil’s recovery, the difficulty of cristiano ronaldo contest championship, will only with the passage of time is becoming more and more big.

10, new players!The next star started from

Every European championship, the emergence of new casting the next generation of world class stars.The euro, including France, England, Italy, Germany, more than the traditional powers to bring a lot of talent.Such as masha, navarre, maura tower, in Israel, because the west’s, drax, harry Kane, and so on.

For them, the euro is not only a palace, but also rise superior to the world star of the stage.In addition, had to mention Europe united Belgium, yearsLight they have azar, German giants such as star within her, and the ShuYa in Iraq, Mr Ji, carrasco also shows himself in the big club.This batch of young talent, the euro will be a big attraction.

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