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The euro 2016 hits.France can use at home, after 16 years in win again.The German tanks can be written brilliant period of 20 years ago, won the championship.The matador at the time the success of defending;The azzurri can make up for years of regret.Who has the most titles, whose dark horse every sense, all the answers, France summer of tell you.European cup 51 games in all competitions, excitement not to be missed.

When the French perfectly meet with football, when romance and passion collision together, short and do not break euro wonderful opening ceremony, will beFor this summer’s French football dinner before send you a delicious dishes.

Euro 2016 opening ceremony: 01:30 on June 11,

European championship opener: France VS Romania 03:00 on June 11,

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/6/11 (Saturday)03:00The FrenchRomania 2016/6/11 (Saturday)At 21:00AlbaniaThe Swiss 2016/6/16 (Thursday)00:00RomaniaThe Swiss 2016/6/16 (Thursday)03:00The FrenchAlbania 2016/6/20 (Monday)03:00RomaniaAlbania 2016/6/20 (Monday)03:00The SwissThe French

VS Romania, France

The EuropeanCup opener: France VS

Romania between records

Recent history against six games, including France 2 wins 4 2 wins and a draw at home to occupy absolute advantage, during euro 2016 FIFA FIFA France ranked 21st, romanian ranked 19th in the world, FIFA rankings.France nearly 10 7 record winning percentage is as high as 70%, and Romania nearly 10 10 unbeaten record 4-6 draws near.The two teams is tit for tat.

European championship opener: France VS Romania game to watch for

Look from the side,France is a star-st�, at home, their goal is to get the European champions.The first game, the host can obtain good start is worth looking forward to.There is no doubt that didier deschamps is owned by the French team is full of talent, pogba, Gerry boltzmann, masha, is all the pop star, the performance of these people.

In addition, deschamps in the European cup, the most powerful France striker karim benzema left out of the squad, the decision of questionable, therefore, need to use performance and goals let doubts disappear deschamps.The game against Romania, the French striker needs to tell the fans with a goal, noBenzema, as they can!Occupy the host advantage, France to take all three points.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended France to 1.5 ball games.

When the elegant and luxuriant intertwined, when the beauty and power skillfully fuses in together, when lucky and strive to complement each other, this summer’s European football is set to play a big feast.Euro attention for your home!

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