W88 casinoNBA finals – knight VS warrior

09:00 on June 11, 2016, The knight VS warriorThe two sides are expected to start: Knight: Owen, J – R -, Jefferson, James Smith, Mr Thompson;Warrior: Garage, Thompson, Barnes, green, Andrew bogut.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: knight – 2 points.

Is almost two teamsDeath, when Michael Owen can dominate garage on the offensive end, knight can often find the feeling of winning.At the same time once formed between Michael Owen and James attachment, Cleveland power will also be amplified on the offensive end.In the two road before, Michael Owen and James were separated, two big fight alone, respectively.And in the third war, the two are formed as a whole.As for the garage, will satisfy, must feel back as soon as possible.

Although lack of love, the knight has not affected, they return to the home success rise, third in the NBA finals in 120-90 victory, the total score to 1Than 2.And star James remains effective, once again had 32 points, 11 rebounds and six assists the comprehensive data.It is worth mentioning that the state of the core team another Owen recovery for a huge shot in the arm to the knight, he has scored in the war on the first 16 are divided into teams set up 17 points lead, but also gains 30 points and eight assists.Back home, as seemed to activate the knight, the role players J.R. Smith and Mr Thompson contributed a lot to the team on both ends, which largely points of light, James Bond stress.In the journey of the playoffs this season, knight at home at presentStill unbeaten, they are expected to continue to rely on with such a strong battle effectiveness at home to the next town.

In the finals in game 3, warriors since the beginning of the game is played quite passive, the opening has been suppressed, the first section briefly 20 points behind.Match the warriors are limited to only 42.1% of their shots, 9 is only 33 three-point shots, also on the boards for less than a knight for 20, eventually huge disadvantage lost by 30 points and therefore it is not surprising.Although the role of the warriors players play is more stable than a couple of star players, but spray brothers state is difficult to satisfactory, he isAre still limited by rivals.In terms of the battle, both added up to 26 only scored 29 points, 10 compared with the past, it makes the whole of the mighty power.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the knight let the game 2 points wins.

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