Euro w88 casino2016 group B group

The euro has 5 for the first time to participate in the finals of teams, including group B has two, make the situation of this group increased uncertainty.And to play against Slovakia in wales, pulled open the prelude of group B, may also become a key to the group stages.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/6/12 (Sunday)00:00walesSlovakia 2016/6/12 (Sunday)03:00EnglandRussia 2016/6/15 (Wednesday)At 21:00RussiaSlovakia 2016/6/16 (Thursday)At 21:00Englandwales 2016/6/21 (Tuesday)03:00Russiawales 2016/6/21 (Tuesday)03:00SlovakiaEngland

Wales VS Slovakia

Wales is undoubtedly the most famous in bell and Ramsey.Can be found through the preliminaries boss Chris Coleman, the offense completely according to the real Madrid star, scored seven goals in 10 games, enough to prove that he has unlimited right to fire in the team.

Slovakia play is the whole football to counter.The preliminary phase one up six wins is the important guarantee of them to break into the finals, including Spain and Ukraine.

Wales European championship finals for the first time, in addition to bell for real Madrid, the whole arrayPlayers from the premier league championship and SPL, Ramsey, Williams, Joe Allen is well known.Team only arranged for a warm-up game before euro, 3-0 defeat to Sweden.

Slovakia is also a European championship finals for the first time after independence, qualifying defeated Spain, before the European championship warm-up win over Germany, Slovakia’s strength is not weak.Hamm, Mr Kerr’s coontz, CARDS are not common.Euro two new encounters, Slovakia’s unbeaten in tactical style more hale and hearty chance to higher, more valued bear play wales, but one manForce are easy to be rivals at death.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game unbeaten in Slovakia.

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