W88.com small principal achievement big winner, the first zero threshold

Now join the optimal DE W88, 100% for the first deposit bonus.The best odds sports platform, real casino and slot machine game.Waiting for?Grab it now, send out!

Rules and terms:
  1. Activities applicable to the dollar, the yuan, the Indonesian rupiah and the Thai baht, Malaysian ringgit and won all the new registered members.
  2. Activities began in In 2015 July 1 00:00:00 (Beijing time), by the end of 23:59:59 July 31, 2015, (Beijing time).
  3. Offer a limited number of stocks last.Each member to apply for a first deposit bonus only.
  4. After successful registration, made the first successful minimum deposit of RMB 150, click on the activities of the page “claim discount”, choose the club you want to game, confirm the filing.
  5. System receives your application, the audit process in 15 minutes, by SMS, E-mail, letter within the station (envelope) inform auditThe results.Please make sure your registered email address and contact phone number real and effective.
  6. Through the above any way after receiving the bonus code, and then the proceeds from the centre of the purse money transfer to game the purse, dividend with the corresponding input in the bonus code bar code can obtain dividends.(how to use the bonus code, you can see here)
  7. This offer bonus code is valid for 48 hours, in the meantime, please use, complete your application for the first deposit bonus.
  8. This offer is only can choose to apply for a game: eastern, western sports, love sports, superior DE reality or entertainmentAny one slot club.
  9. Water conditions:
    Game productsFlow calculationMultiple water Eastern, western sports, love sportsDeposit and bonus10 Optimal DE offering real casinoDeposit and bonus10 Slot machinesDeposit and bonus15

    * the following products do not count towards the flowing water requirements – by clicking here

  10. The draw, bet, cancel, invalid single injection and the disc 1.5 odds or port plate 0.5 at the following list is not included in the flowing water of injection.
  11. If dividends have not reached double water within 30 days, we will have the right to cancel the dividend and profit.If apply for withdrawal corresponding requirement of the water has not been achieved, the dividend and profit will be charged.
  12. The first deposit bonus betting is not included in the return water water bets on the forehead.
  13. Optimal DE W88, shall have the right to cancel at any time any member or gang betting, we enjoy the sole and absolute discretion.
  14. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules apply to this offer.

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