New membership benefits – WeChat pay w88 casino

Optimal DE W88, new member benefits come!!!!!!WeChat pay deposit has been cut in online, as deposit, and yards, seconds seconds to, immediately log in extreme experience ~

Logged in, click: deposit – - WeChat 】 【 】 【 】 deposit amount – click on the “deposit” to confirm.Single deposit limits: 20-1000 yuan.The diagram below:

Enter the deposit amount 】 after clicking the “deposit”, the system will generate a qr code.The followingGraph:

(warm prompt: please submit your order within 5 minutes after complete the payment, otherwise the order will be automatically cancelled.)

Click on the “+” at the top right of the WeChat page, select “scan” function, pictures on a operation for qr code scanning.After the scan will pop up 【 confirm 】 window, you can use your WeChat “change payment” or “card payment” binding.After confirm payment information is accurate, click on the “immediate payment”.The diagram below:

Payment is complete.After your successful payment, the page will automatically pop up 【WeChat voucher 】 showing payment successful information.The diagram below:

Query into account: the condition of login, click on the “history” – select “deposit/withdrawal” – the input query “start time” and “end time” – click on the “submit”.The diagram below:

Successful deductions to account immediately after the oh, speed payment experience!

New members of the super convenient WeChat pay deposit?Save energy and save worry!Safe deposit, simple operation, easy to experience, hurriedly try ~

When youAny problems encountered in the operation of deposits, you can feel free to contact our 24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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