Complete schedule w88 casino2016 copa America in one hundred

Beijing time on June 4 the morning joppa, in 201600 America’s cup opener looms, hosts the United States against Colombia, it would also be the America’s cup for the first time held in the South American countries.After 22 days of fighting, will be held on June 26, the one hundred copa America final, winner will receive special gold cup and keep forever.

The America’s cup is the world’s oldest national team competition, before the World Cup and European championship.Argentina’s 1916 “South American team championship is beautiful.The prototype of the European cup, when teams are Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, Uruguay won the first championship finally.The event in 1975 officially changed its name to the America’s cup.

Although Chile has just held a session of the America’s cup last year, but in the 100 anniversary of the competition, make the whole American continent to a real “the America’s cup” contest, can truly reflect the history of the event, and such a session of unprecedented in the copa America, and naturally, the name “the America’s cup in one hundred.

Euro 201600 to Boston in the United States,Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Orlando, New York, Philadelphia, phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle this 10 cities.

The America’s cup in one hundred, invited all teams in North America and South America, they will be divided into four groups:

A group of : the United States, Colombia, costa rica, Paraguay,

Group B: Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, Peru,

Group C:

Mexico, Uruguay, Jamaica, venezuela

Group D: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, panama,

Group A parsing 】 【 by host the United States and Colombia, and costa rica, Paraguay strength is average, or A group of death.Group B Brazil without encountering enemy, and the lack of his selecao force is strong in the team.In addition, C, D respectively in the two groups on Uruguay showdown talks with Mexico and Argentina VS revenge for Chile, this will be the two group’s two big attraction.The

Want to arrange the America’s cup football plan?Can use to stay up late can watch stars such as Lionel messi, J and sanchez’s performance?Now you need most is the America’s cup full schedule!The most intimate of all 32 games in one hundred America’s cup race, you deserve!

Complete schedule copa America in 201600

Than the European cup, the United StatesThe star quality of European cup is by no means inferior, Lionel messi, J lo, sanchez, than the total of pop stars.And don’t need to stay up top, can see football is the most powerful advantage in the copa America, football dogs don’t want to stay up late, are you excited?

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