W88 casino club hall (PT) – money frog

Money frog is a 5 axis line 40 online slot machine game.In the main game and free game, joker stacked on all rotation!Which covers the design of “similar”, “dispersion” design, “joker” design “and so on. You won a free game can also be on the basis of the infinite trigger more free games! More bonus link, login website immediately experience!

The name of the game – frog [money], the sound of the name has the desire to want to play two, so geely are happy oh ~

To see what patterns can winning ~

Small make up also to try their luck!Small make up on (all) 40 lines, each line is 5 yuan, the total bet amount is 200 yuan.Dangdang dangdang when.Turn up ~ wow, won the 600 pieces of ~ 2, 3, 4 axis in the “free”.

Got a chance to spin 】 【 8 times!

Eight free spin rotation and won the “five similar”.

Won [$600] games bonus, free rotation received bonuses [8200 yuan 】, won in just a few minutes[$8800], Do ~

Look at the glittering, [award], The word, is nothing but a dazzling ~

The ease with which 8800 yuan pocket!Frog was a prosperous man, money in bonuses and super lucky.Investment of 200 yuan, asymmetric return 8800 yuan, the pay is worth it!

Are you also a crush?Free to try out firstTry their luck!I wish you good luck ~

If you encounter any problems in the process of game, you are welcome to contact us at any time 24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

A free demo

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