W88 casino Texas mahjong – VIP level promotion

Texas mahjong VIP, improve grades, get a reward!To provide you with the best VIP promotion hierarchy, let you on the list, give back more!

VIP promotion system

VIP rating how to earn VPP points?

From the morning of May 26, 2016 11:00:00 (Beijing time), all members of the VIP level through cash table, sit & amp;Go championship, and in particular tournaments earn VPP points.

For every $1 is equal to 5.5 VPP.Players, for example, A table game is cash, spend 0.5 yuan, the player will get A 2.75 VPP.VPP will be in cash/by & amp;Go/specific championship game began immediately after automatic updates.

Member after the successful registration account, your grades to lumbricus automatically.

The & # 8211;Any cancellation sit & amp;And specific championship will not calculate the VPP points.
The & # 8211;Members may upgrade many times within 60 days.

The welfare of

The validity of VPP points

Every two month, April, June, the first day of August, October and December 00:00:00 (Beijing time), earthworm, dragon, hoses, wind dragon grades VPP points will be out of date.

Light and gold dragons VPP points on 1 July each year 00:00:00 expired (Beijing time).

Smoke commission Commission is draw a small amount of cash in the game, for hosting games.

Cash/routine: will be drawn from each prize pool and 1% to 5%.
Sit & amp;Go: management fee will be used as workers,
Specific championship: smoke management fee will be the servants of

free game: no commission

By the two types of wallet Texas mahjong

Cash wallet, purse, wallet transfer from the center to Texas mahjong and vice versa.

After the prize purse: members need to task, can be realized from the prize purse transfer to cash wallet.Note: the prize purse wallet balance can not be transfer to the center.

Members can use cash moneyPackage or cash prize purse for Texas mahjong tables/sit down & amp;Go buy/specific championship.Your purchase amount will be showed in the screen, the game to buy amount will increase or decrease.You must have a sufficient balance to ensure your minimum purchase amount.

Prize purse task, players need to meet FPP (active member points) requirements shown in the following table.

The level of FPP is based on the distribution of the Texas mahjong player.For example: the dragon game bet 0.4 yuan, 3.3 FPP players will win.Similar to the VPP, VPP will be in cash/by & amp;Go/specific championship game began immediately after the automatic update, and will automatically update the game report.

If you encounter any problems in the process of game, you are welcome to contact us at any time 24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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