W88 casino baccarat – conventional tactics

Baccarat games the whole strategy is about risk and winning two factors to determine, is based on the two factors to the best choice.These style are formed in actual combat, the following respectively introduce several common play!

One, taking the huanglong,

In many ways, this is one of the most the yes, the most virile.But everything is always a weakness, the character in the play, the more easy to fold.This type of operation, based on a code forImmediately after the starting point, lose start uplink code injection strategy, aims to use a.500 record breakpoints, withdrawal of all funds.But it is not a straight line, is not to win, more is not a negative, there is no concept of the outcome, once started, will go forward, until the goal to achieve.No matter the outcome, before the goal, note code never fall back.Example: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20…General arrangement of 38, 38 hand did not change, to give up.This is a must be planned scheme,The purpose of the plan is an effective use of the principal and bearing ability.Considering there are principal factors, be restricted to red, odds.Note size difference according to your own ideas to adjust, the greater the difference, back to this ability, the greater the worse but bearing capacity, this ability is the opposite smaller, and bearing ability is stronger.To the note code: 150, 200, 250, for example.

This method has several variants, give you a brief introduction.

1, start to lose, don’t l note code, wait to win in one hand, upgrade note yards behind has been implemented.Benefit is that if you start in the negative, can save the numberConsiderable bullets, the blow for subsequent accumulated strong capital strength, it is a bit like the inside of the martial arts competition of physical distribution strategy.Formation is 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4,…Have been fighting.Compared with the matrix, this ability is slightly weak, but can avoid the hands when big lee to slaughter.Also can win hands in advance, the fund will be more smooth, but unfavorable to steal machine quickly.

2, the way, don’t note yards.Effect similar to that in front of the variant and note yards flat push after is won, lost after class.Bad for the heart of a friend, you can tryWith this.Formation is 1, 2, 3, 4 -, -, + 6, 5 + 6, 6, 7, 8 +, + 8…Its advantage is that limited ability, note code does not lose in high.Note yards when high, winning or losing can be offset by surplus can offset the low.Any method needs certain odds support, winning percentage is too low, of course also is no way to retreat.In about 42% of code injection can land.

3, negative go flat, upgrade.Formation is 1, 1, 1…+ 1, + 2, + 3….benefitsIs back to the ability strong, limited capacity, the disadvantages are straight too little, note yards rising fast, but the profit can’t effectively offset by negative hand.Wins and 1 hand can jump this outcome will upgrade faster, it should pay attention to avoid.Mean when the outcome way even when (a), to make the necessary matrix transformation.

4, the outcome is flat.Formation is 1, – 1….+ 1, + 2, + 2, + 2, meet wins the upgrade note code, but does not continue to upgrade and maintain code injection height, until after several negative must hand again at the corresponding level, if the winning hand, note code upgrade.The variation of bearingAbility is the most powerful, but at the same time back to this ability is not too strong, there is a solution is to put the note yards up the difference.As long as the winning back slightly, that is, successful landing.

Commonly used a total of nine varieties 】 【 limited to space limitations, introduce several variants of this temporarily.There are many, you can use your head, to develop a more suitable method to freedom.Anyway variant, change from its trail, as long as you have mastered it features, familiar with its performance, real time don’t have much room for thinking, like a swordsman when duel will not think more, everything is conditioned reflex of instinct againstShould be.Premise is you must to know playing by heart, and truly follow one’s inclinations, fingertips, fold the grass as the sword, kill in intangible.

Second, the continued harassment of

Is a contest, the outcome of frequent transformation way to use a strategy.Method is in the negative, in is to go back, in the most third-hand, back up with one hand, immediately return to high.Note yards with 1, 2, 3.But can not success of negative, to timely conversion system.

1, jump out of a matrix, a sharp negative into, dropped sharply.In all theIn the more practical you can see the figure of the play.Such as – 25, + 125. This is only playing with one hand, does not run successfully, using other methods to destroy the loss.There are such as +, – 50, 200 is also one of the strategies.When it is difficult to row, must use this way to achieve the maximization of profits.If the outcome road remains the same, can continue to have been so harassment, until the opponent deformation.

2, endure, broke out again.1, 1, 1, 2, + 5….This is a similar attack behavior, is for the purpose of life one shot.The original purpose of using this approach is that ifWe use the front part is “taking the huanglong”, then the note code should be – 1-2-3-4, lose-lose 10 note code units, that now we have adopted such tactics, only the front part lost five yards injection unit, so it is for direct injection yard 5 laid the foundation.Lose usu. in two lines, the row in front of this success is good luck, don’t feel bad luck.If use “into the yellow dragon”, the front have been – 10, now only – five, one hand can across the back, is the advantage greatly.Only play with one hand because of this style, so it still belong to in “sustained harassment”.

Third, take

This is a negative shrink – into the method.Formation is 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1….+ 1, + 6…Achilles’ heel is a more negative, two consecutive attack fails, you must cast, don’t get bogged down.Varieties are many, mainly reflected in how to retreat and how to into the above and not listed one by one.Such as backing down, not every hand when take negative 2 hand once, or 3 hand back a can, based on the principal and winning percentage, flexible.Don’t have to rush intoSuddenly hit highs, hit the median can be, and then based on the median, upward step by step.Can also be based on the median to slightly higher than the median size flat injection advance.

Four, tail survival

Any way to defeat time, any method in defeat, can use this method.As the name implies, is the same as gecko when they encounter attack tail, tail is in order to survive, rather than not to tail.To survive and for tail first, it’s purpose.After the defeat, the currently used methods can no longer beTo proceed, or to proceed to the principal threat is too big, must be forced to break, find his way.Broken not cancelled after the defeat, but suspense in account, to restart again when the time is right, or when the principal again allow written again.The use of this method is a bit harder for the problem.Often listen to the friend to complain, just start a negative into a straight line, note code played fairly high, but break the line was interrupted.Want to say is what class whenever you play, winning percentage hasn’t changed, cut off you can re-enter, then went on to play, the results would be any different?There arePeople say that, if continued, I just can win the one hand, to note code landing.But if, you don’t come out in the notice the increasing situation?Do you have any?So, don’t obsess over the whether you continue in a big way, as long as you note code is ongoing.

Five, the shattered glass

The game in to a considerable amount of time, will come to balance.The so-called “shattered glass”, strictly say is not a line, but a complete strategy.All negative hand is suppressedIn larger wins hands, at least a draw.This is can reach the highest realm of gambling!All negative can be found in the global corresponding wins, this is not the break-even, but refers to the note code.Global marketer – 10 inside, for example, in the global must find + 11 + 10 or so hand, the hand destroyed abolished will be negative.This method on the operation could not be achieved by memory, must with the aid of some auxiliary means, such as software and begin recording.This approach emphasizes the whole instead of looking at a local.Whether you play a day or a month, or one year, appear in all50% of winning the breakpoint, you must implement the above results.And only in winning percentage at 50%, cable to suspend the restart.Note code does not emphasize continuity.Because of the space, the following said only a basic prototype.

When to start.Assumptions – 5, in the case of capital allows (at least 300-500 yards), take 10 wins, is the end of turn;If negative, then the play 10, if negative take 10….Until one hand 10 wins out, as in the previous 5 offset;And then playing 15 or 20, every victory, in front of the hedge a – 10, until thisKing return;Be offset if the front – 10 full finished, and the new – 15 if there is dry, the principal didn’t come back, again is 25, in turn, clear out the front – 15….Go through…This is a prototype, of course, can not directly use them, sooner or later, according to this method will be a wave of big lee to destroy.

When to start.The back a bit, if negative, retraction is one is negative, the profit in hand, winning percentage don’t earn, earned money.If the retraction prevailed, note yards ahead.+ 5-4 + 5 + 6….Until the negative.The negative big hand toHow to deal with?Two schemes: one is the hand negative blanking into victory in front of, no longer bird him.Such as + 5-4 + 6 + 7-8. In fact, these five hands can be thought of as – 6-6 + 6 + 6 + 6. That is to say, you win a hand + 6. Then how to operate?Believe everyone understand.This is a basic skill to transform the note code, don’t you go to peg the hand – 8, in fact you have been won, right?Next, we play with five, if negative, 3-3 make a end of combat.

Game, but playing is not introducedMethod in the process of operation.How to go to convert the formation, namely how to switch back and forth in all kinds of style.

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