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On May 28th 09:00 warrior VS rocket

Houston rockets at home to save a match point success, May 28, the rockets will visit the golden state warriors.The rockets still stuck, they need the team to continue in good condition.Harden to stay aggressive, Howard to play a role in the paint, they must strive for the once again led to win the total score 3.Warriors have to miss a match point, garage nearly injured to cry, they rebounded to win at home to get the victory, they want to 4-1The rockets into the NBA finals.

Game 4 of the western conference finals, the rockets finally burst out of energy, they will set up more than 20 in the first quarter of the lead, harden attack completely broke out, they at home win over the warriors to save a match point.For the rockets, it is that they are following the western conference semifinals was again into disrepute, after 4 times facing elimination game they all get a victory, this also let terry elimination war rocket unbeaten rhetoric, he hope the team can win streak continue.Tomorrow, but the rockets players know the game at the warriors will be the most difficult to world war I, if you can win, the rockets will have very good chance.

Warriors missed a match point on the road, they in the first quarter.Like the warriors coach cole said, they are not ready in the first quarter, the rockets is much better in this respect.For the warriors, the game 4 more partners are still appear in the second quarter, when the Treasury fell heavily to the floor, all of the mighty heart, fortunately no matter in the Treasury, even the garage I recall the scene at that time, he also feel a little terror.

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