W88 casino’s serie a – nuremberg VS Frankfurt in Germany

02:30 on May 24, in 2016Nuremberg VS FrankfurtThe two sides are expected to start: Nuremberg: Safire, lai boulder, cloth, Mr. Bates, sepp west, hoff, at rand, the mo, Petra grams, cork, foer Kruger, bloom;Frankfurt: Gerard, Ruth, jean-claude juncker, Abraham, the chip card, rehgar Selma, shi teng DE la, long valley, the haLas, aigner, Mr. Tiger who.

Optimal DE western sports starting grids, nuremberg – 0.
Beijing time 02:30 on May 24th the morning, German bundesliga 2015/16 demotioneing run play-off second leg match will take place at nuremberg, stadium, the German league third nuremberg will host bundesliga third from bottom in Frankfurt.The first leg, 1-1 draw at both sides.

Nuremberg, early in the season to determine the play-offs last weekend league finish teamMain purpose is to training, but still away victory, burns, a number of players recreate physical Frankfurt is superior to the visitors.Nuremberg in the German league this season is flawed, 19 wins 8 flat 7 34 games record, winning percentage is as high as 56%, and the league is as high as 65%, only road performance compared with the former two slightly, in the end only with 2 points out the disadvantages of direct upgrade.Now came to play-offs for the nuremberg home team must play a high level, after the team five times in the face of Frankfurt, failed to win, the pressure of nature.Although the nurembergIn a lucky goddess help at present in the play-offs, but the team still needs to make spirit woke up extremely.

Frankfurt last weekend just experience and werder Bremen’s relegation battle, battle of physical consumption is larger, and in the weeks and with the nuremberg upgrade and play-off first leg fighting, I’m afraid to Frankfurt is a bit too much for physical fitness.This face old rivals in nuremberg, the team trailing is not dominant, favorable is a team of players return in a timely manner, to improve the squad.Frankfurt play this season is very not ideal, if not the last four league games had 12 points and methodHenri Frankfort I’m afraid I have no chance to the play-offs.Keeping the Frankfurt road, deciding whether to stay in the bundesliga, for the team.

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