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09:30 on May 25, in 2016 panama VS venezuelaThe two sides are expected to start: Panama: Time more, Mr Roy, machado, Paris, henrik, gomez, quinn,,, godoy, Mr Cooper, leather door;Venezuela: Barrow, faria, villa’s Mr Watt, agger, caron, rincon, ferguson more with him roya, ANI ORR, martinez, MrTurow, long the east.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: panama – 0-0.5.
International friendly, panama’s home game against venezuela.Panama is a good team in North America, once the gold cup finals twice, the latest world rankings is 52.Venezuela is the only team that did not enter the World Cup finals in South America, the team is the best grades in the America’s cup in 2011, the last four.The latest world rankings, ranked 74th in venezuela, is the penultimate in South America.

Panama will this week in a friendly at home to a buoyant venezuela in South America, the two teams play past four games, two wins and two draws unbeaten in panama, was the last time meet in September 9, the 1-1 draw at both sides.Before the game started, the panama did well in north American zone World Cup qualifier in group B, the first four rounds of 2 win 1 draw 1 negative 7 points, force, Jamaica and Haiti ranked second.Personnel, coach Mario gomez in the same time, the more Roy, godoy, etc in the NBA league, ink super star.Number of bookmakers odds, panama is worth more by holding at home.

The two teams4 meetings recently, venezuela 0 wins and two draws and against panama in 2010 had lost 1-3.Before the start of the copa America in venezuela is playing the game 2 of the warm-up game, the next will also play with costa rica, Guatemala, venezuela.And before the game started, playing a World Cup qualifier in venezuela in South America area, 0-1 flat 5 6 rounds before 1 points at the bottom.Called into the personnel, although coach st. Vincent long east, HeFuLun, roya figg, rincon, such as name, but this time against panama’s prospects are not worth it.

Optimal DE W88,Western sports remind: recommend the panama let the flat side wins the game.

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