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08:30 on May 26, , 2016The knight VS the raptors The two sides are expected to start: Knight: Lebron James, Michael Owen, love, Alan Smith, Mr Thompson;The raptors: Lowry, demar derozan, carol, than ever and bo, and scola.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: knight – 10.5.
In front of the Cleveland cavaliersTwo eastern conference finals to 2-0 up, people thought that this series is no suspense, but the Toronto raptors at home with a strong performance to match the total score.26, both teams will play in Cleveland, lebron will have better performance on defence, he also needs for his teammates like irvine, low recovery at home, the cavaliers to bounce back with home victory, they want to get a series of match point.Raptors rediscovered confidence at home, they also show the strength, lori and demar derozan feel, want to keep the offense they want to lead the team to win 3-2 road ahead.

Than a knightOnly four players in double figures, James made 11 of 16 scored 29 points, nine rebounds and six assists, Owen made 11 of 21 had 26 points and 3 rebounds and six assists, low shot only four of 14 only 10 points and 7 rebounds, three assists, Smith outside the three-point line 3 of 11 shots 9 points, Thompson but only 2 points 9 rebounds, substitute fry outside the three-point line 4 of 8 shots had 12 points and 6 rebounds, Jefferson made 4 of 8 points, 4 d Della tile only have 2 more points and five assists.According to the data shows, the knight led 38-35 in rebounds, assists the number 23-17, shooting as well47%, but let the raptors threw up to 53.8% shooting, defensive end dull.

The raptors series game 4 to 105-99 victory over the cavaliers, lowry strong, 14 of 20 shots scored 35 points 5 rebounds, 5 assists, and 14 of 23 demar derozan for 32 points and 3 rebounds, three assists and 11 points and 3 rebounds, carol than ever and again grabbed a game-high 14 rebounds, scola continues to weaken, 14 minutes scoreless, substitute patterson made three of five 9 points 5 rebounds, Joseph 4 of 8 shots had eight points and 3 rebounds.The raptors backcourt double gunRecently rediscover the handle, lowry in G3 7 of 13 shots, shooting 53.8%, G4 hit ratio is as high as 70%, demar derozan 12 of 24 shots in the G3, shooting just 5, G4 shot up to 60.9%, double the gunners are recovery team in the offensive end.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the raptors refusal under 10.5 points wins the game.

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