W88 casino VS Ecuador international friendlies – the United States

At 08:00 on May 26, , 2016 VS Ecuador in the United StatesThe two sides are expected to start: The United States: Howard, Bradley, besley, gonzalez, orosz, beckman, Cameron, vido, Johnson, dempsey, more ray;Ecuador: Di Olivia, wo ai about dimension, the President of lazio, Iraq, YiJie leah, YiJie leah, valencia, Queensland road loch, martinez, slaveAnd check the ai about dimension.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: the United States – 0-0.5.

Teams in the United States is in North America, North America in the primary group in the World Cup, the U.S. came second in group C.In the latest FIFA rankings, was ranked 29th in the United States.Game, the trip to Puerto Rico.Appear to have the advantage in the United States, possession on a sharp leading opponent, organization with the threat of attack, with t. in a brace and p. Mr Ali’s goal, finally the road 3-1 scorelinePuerto Rico.American players are mainly from their own beauty professional league.With Donovan, dempsey, such as the player gradually fade out the country, the United States began to reconstruction phase.Coach jurgen klinsmann coached to European style, pay attention to the cooperation between technology and the players.Entered since 2016, the United States played five games, made a 4-1.No-nonsense, indomitable spirit is the United States has a characteristic.The game, at home in the United States, with Ecuador, thanks to recent record moves upward momentum in the United States, the United States at home to fight with his rival in the end.

EcuadorIs a South American team, currently in the South American qualifying lap one second.In the latest FIFA rankings, ranked 12th in Ecuador.Play, Ecuador’s trip to Colombia.Possession in Ecuador have the advantage, but the team has not been able to organise effective attack, and the team door opponent counter-attack threat, in the 15th minute, 48 minutes and 67 minutes, Ecuador gate was scored three times, finally Ecuador’s 1-3 defeat in Colombia.Last year’s copa America, Ecuador is points in group A, the team with the group 3 game 1 win 2 draw, in group A third,Failed to qualify.And in the copa America, Ecuador is points in group B, group opponents Brazil, Peru and Haiti, the team has a lot to want to be able to fight for.Ecuador’s recent performance is good, nearly 8 game 6 win 1 draw 1, once during a six wins the climax of the team is good shape.The game, Ecuador away in the face of the United States, the team can rely on recent status, the road can strive for.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended Ecuador accepting flat side wins the game.

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