Recommended – w88NBA matches the raptors VS cavs

08:30 on May 24, in 2016The raptors VS knight, The two sides are expected to start: The raptors: Lowry, demar derozan, carol, patterson, than ever;Knight: Owen, J – R – Smith, James, love, Thompson.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: knight – 5.5.
Return to Toronto,Every effort to realize, the raptors on their 99-84 victory over a game, broke the golden body knight’s playoff run.Of course on the main causes of the knight to lose a game itself is so bad, Owen has combined with love only 4 of 28 shots.When that stand in the front, James is also a game, only watching their team lose the game.It was, the two teams meet this fourth battle at home the raptors success pull than 2 to 1, the total points at home against the enemy, it continued to the morale of the orthometric raptors oath to be pushed on to the next town.

The raptors on battle back home after clearly with confidence, losRui was kept from the opening in long shot to try to handle, the shooting also rise sharply, and the other core demar derozan is boom, a game-high 32 points in another 4 players scored in double figures, the raptors on the defensive end’s performance is unambiguous, & # 8217;Idiot boards & # 8217;Than ever, a person will remember 26 rebounds and four shots, its excellent defense to the raptors inside solid, successful team limited shooting more strikers, finally advances the best Toronto back as a city, it still want to keep the team of the universal active play to compete with rivals.

Knight in a 2-0 lead apparent with qinghua mentality, completely underestimated the emerging of the raptors team ability, attack knights fought too casual, too dependent on outside shooting team, the team three points up to 41 shots, and hit only 14 times, in two big Owen and f are running while the iron is hot, which makes the team on the offensive end, aggressive and insider Tristan da cunha Thompson this point also encounter rivals on para short center after the explosion, knights fought outside threats against all lost to rivals, eventually lose in midlatitudes, keeping the knight should be free from this lightly, as much as possible to strengthen team have a better chance.The

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game to recommend the knight to 5.5 points.

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