W88 casino optimal DE w88 – fishing game (new)

Optimal DE w88 fishing game online now!Ten thousand people online fishing arcade game can experience at any time in the home, convenient client computer, easy to download and install, 24 hours online service, rapid, steady innovation realistic game interface such as you experience!!!!!!

Login, click on the “slot machine”, choose “fishing game”, click “download now”.The diagram below:

Click on the “download” to download the game.The diagram below:

Click “run”.The diagram below:

Click “next” to continue.The diagram below:

Choose the installer folder, click “next”.The diagram below:

Ready to install.The diagram below:

You are setting up.The diagram below:

The installation is complete.The diagram below:

Enter your optimal DE W88 “user name” and “password”, click “login”.The diagram below:

Download the game room.The diagram below:

The download the update of the game.The diagram below:

After the game update can enter the [bank] will be cash for gold.(warm prompt: cash RMB 1 = 10000 gold),

Change after the success of your gold currency will be automatically added, you will automatically reduce the cash value.The diagram below:

You can click on the game hall [join] quick to join at the upper right.The diagram below:

The game page long then oh ~ figure as follows:

Choose, bank withdrawals 】 【 】 【 safe: for you the amount of gold COINS.Please in rear input needs to take out the number of gold COINS 】 【 exchange gold value, and then click [sure], the system will change in time for you to success.The diagram below:

(warm prompt: you need to gold to exchange for game currency can play. 1 gold = 1 game currency, as equivalent. You need to the bank withdrawals 】 【 exchanges.)

Page pops up the warm prompt [is] quick guide you to use the keyboard control key game!The diagram below:

Fishing game features interface, click on the lower right blank input chat content, can be directly interact with other players on site.The diagram below:

Click the icon to select nabla 】 【 fast reply content, can save your precious time.The diagram below:

Chat window above a better expression bar 】 【, select the appropriate expression pattern instead of you at the moment of mood ~ below:

You can also click on the “graffiti drawing board” icon to select the color of the font.The diagram below:

“Brush” icon to clear all rolling subtitles on screen.

You can also choose according to their needs and props 】 【 【 gift 】.The diagram below:

The good news:

1. In any integral game hang, every minute of the membership grade present [25-100 gold].(each player onlyAllowed to hang an account)
2. Play any integral, with available [500-500 gold] winning prizes.

Fishing game, the optimal DE focus tailored for you!Over fishing, gold full screen to fly!You are the legendary fish’s got talent?Try their luck together!

If you have any question in the process of game, you are welcome to contact us at any time 24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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